Thanks to Drake, our new save system can do some slick new things and take larger loads (giggity), and thanks to Gardeford there’s a hot new piece of Valkyrie ass waiting to be tapped.

0.5.30 Patch Notes:

  • Eira, Lumia’s courier, has been added to the Palace of Light after her goddess’s quest. (by Gardeford)
    • You can help her deliver the mail (do this form Lumia’s menu to unlock Eira as a repeatable NPC!), hang out, have sex, and even have babies with her.
  • Thanks to the new save system, the max size of custom PC portraits has been increased to 500KB.
  • Thanks to the new save system, you can now save in dungeons!
    • The exceptions are the Astral Plane, the Ways Between, and sequences where you play as other characters (ie Kinu and Gweyr).
    • If you are in a dungeon and bad end, there is an additional button now called [Retry Dungeon] that will take you to your last checkpoint before entering. This is to prevent you soft-locking yourself on your only save for a given character. That said, save often and in multiple slots (including to file every now and then)!
    • This was a bigger face lift to the code than you might think! If you encounter any issues or strange behavior regarding saves or dungeons, please report them on the forum!
  • New busts: Eira and Cassidy (both by Moira)

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