It’s finally time to come face to face with the dreamy witch Viviane, who’s been leaving enchanted corsets and invading dreams since early in the game! Plus, some foxy new enemies in the Frostwood…

0.2.23 Patch Notes:

  • New encounter in the Old Forest: Viviane the Enchantress. (Written by Balak, with some sex scenes by Skow as well!)
  • New encounter in the Frostwood: the Kitsunes! An extremely large encounter with a variety of possible enemies and scene options (By TheObserver)
  • New encounter in the Frostwood: Imps! Repeatable encounters with the imps; currently very light on content. (Edited from their Kas-Fight version by ShadeFalcon)
  • New option during Orc Quest: have Cait blow Pavo so you can get the disguises. Cait’s gotta pull her weight too! (By Balak)
  • New feature: you can change your active party members from any Waystone Idol once you unlock the ability to fast-travel! Includes a sweet new animation for rotating through the roster.
  • New feature: keybindings now appear on the button dock. Can turn on/off from the options menu.
  • New bust: Salamander Siblings, Viv, and Gloria
  • New Codices: Boreal Elf, Tanuki

As always, you can grab backer access here if you wanna meat the witch early~