Finished a bad end for a herm centaur demon in dungeon 3, put together a simple “choose your goo-girl color” flash for some of Adjatha‘s awesome fanart, and then broke CoC trying to add a loading bar.

And of course my Flash subscription had expired so when Flash crashed I had to resub and it’s being a pain in the ass so no updates tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get both CoC w/loading bar and goo flash with loading bar up for guys soon.


(Update: Couldn’t sleep, so I kept working.   It looks like CoC may not play well with a built-in preloader.  Even though I have the preloader on frame 1 and the rest of the code/class importing on frame 2, it seems to load all the code before running the preloader (doesn’t appear until approx 90% loaded.  If anyone more skilled with flash knows where I’ve gone wrong, feel free to pipe up.)