I’m working on a bad end for the Feruze fight where you’re taken by some slavers. It’s over 3,000 words thus far, and I haven’t started the body modification yet. It’s gonna be good.

Being ashamed never occurs to you. Shame is an emotion for people. You’re a pet. An object. <b>Owned</b>. If Mistress wants you to stop whining, she’ll train you not to. Your mind melts under the radiance of her divine will.

A scene for having a 69 with Feruze when you win is already finished. I have to do an alternate loss scene for PC’s that Feruze likes after this, then I can start playing with coding and working out the combat routine.

TL;DR: Feruze encounter document is at 12,000 words and 24 pages thus far with more to come. Should have a fair amount of reactivity based on whether you screwed her in the past.

I missed writing really wild bad ends.