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A sequel to Talon Rogue and my second major TiTS short story. We rejoin Captain Kaede Entara as she journeys to Tarkus on a routine cargo run, only to run into an old flame. Hooking up with Anno Dorna, the pair head into the wastelands of Tarkus but end up embattled in the ruins of an ancient starship. I was never entirely happy with this one, but hey. There’s buttstuff, and it introduces Anno and Kaede’s actual appearance.



Tarkus is kind of a dump. I wasn’t happy to be making a run out here, but a job’s a job, and after my last bust of a shipment, I needed the cash. Ships don’t exactly repair themselves you know. Boots up on the dash of my console, I flicked through holo-images of the dust and junk piled sky-high around the crashed stations and starships that littered the planet’s surface. Tarkus looked like a hiveworld punk’s version of armageddon, wastelands of industrial wreckage that stretched out over continents.

It should have been just an in-and-out job, drop off a crate of industrial egg incubators to Novahome, the biggest “city” on Tarkus — really a crashed starship from God-knows where or when — and take my creds and skedaddle home. Unfortunately, fate (and an old friend) had other plans for me. I’d barely broken orbit when a message popped up on my screen from Anno, an old friend from my short stint at the Ausaril Technology Academy, asking to catch up over a drink. I answered that I’d be glad to, and spent the rest of the trip world-ward getting out of my pajamas and picking out a cute outfit. When you’re dealing with an ausar, it’s hard to tell if you’re in for a booty call or just a coffee date.

Tarkus wasn’t much of a romantic setting, though. I toe-punched a button on my console as we hit atmos, locking in a landing pad on the side of Novahome as our final destination and letting Athena, my ship’s A.I., do the rest. Talon Rogue rumbled under the decks as her shields lit up neon-bright during the descent, shuddering violently as we passed through an orbiting cloud of old satellites and starship wreckage hanging listless in the upper atmosphere. When we broke through, the planet was still dark, overcast and stormy today. The space-dust that had accumulated on the windshield (forward viewscreen? I never know what to call it!) was quickly washed away by a deluge of rain… which soon turned the whole screen a murky black. Raining oil. Great. I flicked open the topside collection ducts and the landing gear and sat back in the darkness until Talon touched down, the bulkheads shuddering as we cruised into the landing bay.

“Good landing,” the strong, feminine voice of Athena resonated from the ship’s intercom. “All systems locked down, fuel lines are connecting now. Looks like your docking fee has been covered by one Anno Dorna, with compliments. I’ve loaded the cargo onto the elevator, just grab it when you get outside. Need anything else, Captain Entara?”

“Just Kaede, already,” I sighed, patting the dash as I swung out of my chair, heading for the airlock.

Athena’s green, toga-wrapped avatar popped up at the door with a grin. “Captain Kaede.”

“Fine,” I sighed, grabbing my gun belt out of the coat rack and cinching it on. I probably looked a little silly wearing a lacy short skirt and a 10mm cannon on my hip, but hey, a girl’s gotta protect herself. I punched the cycle. “Watch the ship. And no hitchhikers this time.”

Athena shrugged. “I’ll just blast your heavy metal shit at them until they go away.”

“Attagirl,” I grinned, ruffling her avatar’s hair before hopping out the door onto the deck of Novahome.

The city-ship’s spaceport was the same familiar slate-grey as the docks back home on Tavros, nothing more than a converted flight deck opened up for near-ground landings. The berth Talon was planted in was just a crudely painted square in the middle of the hanger, wedged in beside a dozen other ships belonging to rim-ward cargo haulers and planetary pioneers. The place was crowded, though: absolutely packed with tiny little bodies rushing about in a great big mass, occasionally punctuated by a beleaguered spacer like me sticking half a torso over the waves of locals. The raskvel: tiny, scaly folk only a few feet tall, they all sport lithe frames and ridiculously long ears that just about drag around on the ground behind them, most bearing a variety of piercings and tattoos, and very little in the way of clothes. The way they packed in here, it was amazing they didn’t get crushed by landing ships.

A few of them saw me hopping down from the ladder and came wandering over, some bearing official-looking uniforms, others just inquisitive locals with wandering hands I had to slap away. The dock workers handed me few data slates to sign, chirped something like “Have a nice day!” in a broken English, and scurried off to another junker landing a few berths away. By then, Talon’s cargo chute had popped out the crate full of incubators and a hover-platform to drag them around on. I shook a purple-scaled raskvel off my leg and beat feet toward the first thing that looked like a way into the ship proper: a huge cargo elevator on the side of the room, packed with raskvel, all crammed between crates stacked dangerously high.

I clambered aboard just as a few uniformed raskvel were closing the safety gate, pushing aside a few of the little bastards to make room for the hovering box beside me. They complained loudly at me, but were quickly drowned out by a banshee scream from hell as the elevator started trundling down, shuddering with every roll of the gears as it worked its way down into the heart of Novahome.

The floor I got out on looked like a cross between a tunnel and a bazaar, a square steel corridor lined with tents and stalls where raskvel and spacers were hawking everything from fried rats on a stick to power armor components. At least it wasn’t hard to find the store that had ordered the incubators, since all the doors along the corridor were numbered in big, white paint. Number 88: “Breeder’s Delight.” Judging by the tremendous hips and grossly swollen belly of the shopkeeper when I stepped in, I was suddenly aware my cargo wasn’t meant for incubating animal eggs…

“Ah, Captain Entara, right on time!” the shopkeeper beamed, running a hand across her hairless, scaled head to smooth out the tops of her gigantic ears. They rang like windchimes between the myriad metal studs and piercings along their flaps. “I trust you had no trouble finding my shop?”

“No trouble,” I said, wheeling in the hover cart, “Pretty crowded out there, though.”

The raskvel woman cocked an eyebrow, looking out the door over my shoulder. “Is it? It seems nearly deserted!”

I glanced back at the crowds of raskvel pushing and shoving around each other in the corridor and shuddered. “Right. Uh, where do you want it, ma’am?”

“Oh, anywhere there’s room. These newfangled incubators practically fly off the shelves, you know. You should think about buying one for your next clutch, captain. They’re well worth the price, if you don’t have to sit your eggs for a month!”

I scooted the crates off the hover pallet, trying not to laugh. “Uh, right. I’ll think about it.”

“Though I suppose no machine can replace the motherly bliss of sitting atop your clutch, nurturing them yourself. Still, I can’t blame you younglings for wanting to machine-incubate. Motherhood on the go, and all that.”

“Of course,” I said, wiping a bit of sweat from my brow (was it hot in here?) and whipping out my datapad. “If you’ll just sign here, ma’am.”

The raskvel woman produced a pair of almost comically large spectacles from under the counter and held them up to her face as I presented the delivery form to her. “My, that’s a rather small font…”

“Just sign, um, here and here,” I said, pointing to the big empty spaces at the bottom.

“Oh, well yes, but I can’t read the words, dear,” the shopkeeper muttered, all but putting her face into my slate.

Oh, the joys of being a delivery girl.

Exasperated, the shopkeep finally put her glasses away and called, “Kila! Come in here, girl, I need you!”

A curtain at the other end of the shop tore open as another green-sclaed raskvel girl, this one much younger and markedly less egg-bloated, jogged out, carrying a pair of steel-studded ears waving behind her. “You needed something, ma?”

“Yes, girl, could you read this form to me? My eyes aren’t what they used to be. I remember when you were still a hatching I could spot a gorefly from half the ship away. Now I need these damnable things,” the matron complained, staring at her spectacles in annoyance. “Oh, how am I going to read your new brothers and sisters their hatching stories now?”

The younger raskvel, Kila, looked from her mother to me with a pair of over-large green eyes, ears twitching as she took the datapad from my hand and made a few quick swipes. “Here ma, let me just forward that to my computer, and we can send the nice lady your signature when we’re done.”

I flashed the raskvel girl a thankful smile and bolted while her mother was distracted trying to turn on the shop’s computer. Tucking the slate back in my pocket, I told the hover pallet to head back to Talon Rogue and set about trying to find the bar Anno told me to meet her at. Wading through the swarms of raskvel in the main thoroughfare, I eventually made it to a room marked “The Mess,” what should have been the ship’s mess hall once upon a time.

The Mess sure liveed up to its name. Easily large enough to seat several hundred raskvel (and it was), the Mess was dimly lit and smoky, thanks to several tall, hookah-like devices set up on many tables as well as a pillar of wood smoke coming from the kitchen, exposed to the mess hall thanks to a busted-in bulkhead. Several raskvel chefs in cute white aprons were running around trying to tend to dozens of orders at once. Strangely, most of the wait staff running around the Mess were humans, probably hired in by whoever was running the place. A handy sign pointed the way through the raskvel-packed mess hall to a small side room bar. The place was made up like a 20th century speakeasy, complete with a smooth jazz live on a stage and a thick cloud of smoke hanging on the ceiling fans like a stormcloud. Despite the throngs outside, when the door hissed closed behind me, it was almost silent save the music and hushed murmurs of the patrons, nearly all humans or other spacers. Not a raskvel in sight.

Anno Full (PK)“Hey, Red!” a husky, sensual woman’s voice purred into my ear as I walked in, a pair of slender, white-furred arms slipping around my waist from behind. My tail curled in instinctively, but I managed to turn a startled gasp into a happy little moan, melting back into Anno’s familiar embrace. Giggling, she twirled me around in her arms to plant a kiss right on my lips, holding me close for a split second before releasing me, our hands interlocked.

Definitely a booty call. Score!

Anno grinned at me, her fluffy white tail swishing behind the back of her stark black catsuit, proudly displaying the Steele Tech logo on the breast. Both of hers were on prominent display, her zipper down just enough to give a tantalizing view of her ample cleavage, which bounced gaily as she took a step back from me, looking me and my outfit over in turn. Her eyes on me was enough to get my red fluff of a tail out from between my legs and wagging again.

“Been a while, Red,” Anno grinned, switching back to our shared ausar language as she led me back to a corner booth well away from the band. “You still running errands for your old man?”

Ow. “No, I went independant about a year ago. It’s tough, but I love the job.”

Her grin widened “Good for you! I figured you for a pilot-girl the second you walked through the Academy’s doors.”

Well, that made me feel a little better. “So how about you? Didn’t expect to find you of all people out here on Tarkus. I thought you were still with the Fleet, anyway.”

“Yeah, well, budget cuts, you know…” Anno sighed, rubbing at her perky jackal-like ears. “Plus a few bungled experiments. Totally not my fault, but hey. Got a job at Steele as a lead researcher, which is a cool gig. I’m actually heading up our planetary outpost now. Pretty cushy job, if I do say so myself.”

A dusky bartender in a short skirt that made mine look conservative swished over and asked if we needed anything.

“Two Sexes on a Meteor, Del,” Anno said with a wink, dropping a credit chit in the waitress’s pocket. She popped off back to the bar, coming back with a pair of fizzing pink drinks topped with oranges and curly straws. So girly!

As soon as the waitress was gone and we were sipping on our drinks, Anno’s coy little grin returned with gusto. She leaned over her drink, suckling on the tip of her straw, big blue eyes searching over me as mine were drawn back to her chest, and the big, soft mounds of pale flesh barely constrained by her sheer, skin-tight uniform. My panties were suddenly very uncomfortable, and it wasn’t just the boobage on display, either. I’d barely kicked back half the drink before I could feel my skin reddening, a heat spreading through my body that made it hard to think. Sex on a Meteor indeed…

Anno seemed to be feeling just about the same, giving a husky little sigh into her drink. “You know, I haven’t seen another ausar — or half-ausar — since I came out to Tarkus. It’s nice to just… just be with someone familiar, here…”

I just about jumped out of my skin when a warm, soft, furry leg brushed up against the hem of my skirt, but the lusty grin from the buxom ausar across from me quickly had me leaning back in my booth, enjoying the sensation of her foot teasing its way up the outside of my thigh.

“Mmm, is that a gun, or are you happy to see me?” Anno grinned, breath visibly quickening under her tight, oh so revealing suit.

“That, uh, that actually is my gun,” I muttered, shifting my hips under the booth to let her roaming foot slip under my skirt where it belonged.

She licked her lips around her straw as her foot pressed into my crotch, toes teasing at the lacy lip of my panties, heel digging into something else entirely. “Oh, you are happy to see me. Or it’s the meteor talking… pretty potent, huh? Gods, I haven’t felt a knot not made out of plastic in forever,” she purred, voice all promises and sensuality as her padded sole played across my crotch. Anno’s cheeks flushed dark red as my sex stiffened under her careful ministrations, the head starting to poke out of my underwear and up between her toes.

I wanted it — I wanted Anno — even without the druggy drink I’d kicked back. Still, I couldn’t help but bite my lip and turn aside, too embarrassed by the sinfully public attention on my cock to look my soon-to-be lover in the eyes. She ran her foot up and down my length, heel teasing the swelling knot between my legs, toes locking in around the crown poking out above it. When she asked if I’d like to go back to her place, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.


Thankfully, Anno’s place wasn’t far from the Mess. She slammed me back against her bulkhead door, her body-hugging ultralastic catsuit rubbing through the thin fabric of my clothes as her legs hooked around my hips. Anno lept into my arms, her lips hot and heavy against mine as she fumbled for her key, my own hands wandering across her back and ass, kneading her taut cheeks through her clothes. The door slipped open, and we went tumbling back through in, my legs buckling under the awkward weight of Anno in my arms and the sudden loss of blood as her hand grabbed my cock under my skirt. I tripped over something and tumbled back onto the bed, leaving Anno in just the right position to straddle me, hand working my shaft as she dimmed the lights to almost nothing, just enough to see each other by as we embraced.

I grabbed her shoulders, pulling myself up into the soft, warm embrace of Anno’s breasts, finding the tongue of her zipper with my teeth and pulling down. She gave a pleased little gasp as I drew it down, half-motorboating her until I unzipped her uniform past the navel; it disappeared after that, her arms slipping out of the sleeves to hang around my neck, her bare bust pressing into my own, smaller rack. My hands grabbed her ass, squeezing and kneading; I gave a little gasp as Anno’s fingers worked at my shirt buttons, all but ripping it off my chest to get at my bra. Together we pulled that off, baring my perky little C-cups against Anno’s Ds; we held each other tight after that, enough our tits were pressing into each other, sending electric waves of pleasure up my spine as our nipples teased and caressed.

Adding to the pleasure coursing through my chest, Anno’s soft-furred white fingers wrapped back around my red prick, her hips hovering just over its pointed, canine tip. She leaned ever so slightly back, pressing her catsuit’s skin-tight elastic ass against the shaft, almost enveloping it between her cheeks. Giving me a sultry smile, she started to move her hips, lifting up and sliding back down my cock.

Gods, yes! I grabbed Anno’s waist, fingers sinking into the naked flesh above her belt, guiding her movements as she bounced and slide in my lap, hotdogging me in the tight embrace of her suit. Still, I wanted that gone, wanted to feel the heat of her loins enveloping my cock. My fingers moved to her belt, pulling it off with a few well-practiced motions; Anno gasped as my hand brushed her groin through the material, and then slipped inside, fingers running through the white landing strip they’d unveiled, a perfect match to the creamy locks now dancing around her shoulders, a silky veil shrouding our faces from the dim light. We kissed, soft, fast motions as our hands worked each others’ sexes, building towards the moment of bliss.

Anno stopped suddenly, just as I was peeling her suit back enough to angle myself inside. Her hand released my prick, diving into one of her pockets to produce a vaccum-sealed packet, which she tore open with one of her sharp canines. “Almost forgot,” she grinned, pulling the condom packet apart with her teeth until the rubber “O” was held firmly in her mouth. Our noses touched, and then she was gone, crawling like a pup down my body, tail raised playfully to tease my face as she turned around, grasping my rod in both hands. I returned the favor, clapping my hands on her backside and pulling the catsuit down to her knees, then off completely as she moved one leg and then the other over my head, ending with them perfectly planted on my shoulders, pinning me down to the bed once again with her white-veiled sex hanging tantalizingly overhead.

annoMy gasps of pleasure turned into a long, husky moan as Anno’s lips brushed the crown of my cock, the latex sheathe teasing the very tip before its rim gripped the head and traveled down, escorted by Anno’s full lips, wrapping my member nice and tight by the time they met my groin, her nose half-buried in my churning sack. She withdrew with equal care, slowly drawing her mouth back to my crown… and back again. My back arched, breath catching as she blew me, clearly reveling in the familiar taste of ausar cock as her slit reddened and drooled, excitement threatening to run down her thigh.

I couldn’t let that happen, could I? I pulled her hips down to my face, tongue lancing out to taste the sweet nectar of Anno’s sex. Her tail curled up, shaking happily as I licked her honeypot, returning her oral affections in turn as she continued to suck me off, leaving us for minutes in a blissful sixty-nine. My tongue found the red bud of her clit at the same moment a pair of Anno’s fingers found my ass, and we moaned together at the added sensation, my hips bucking into her mouth as her fingers pried their way into me. It didn’t take her long to find the little bud of my prostate, and when she did, Anno didn’t relent for a moment, rubbing and kneading it until my cock was jumping in her mouth, beads of pre leaking into the sheath around my crown.

A few moments of that, and I couldn’t take anymore.

I grabbed the headboard and pulled myself out from under Anno, rolling onto my knees and slapping my cock into the cleft of her ass, squeezing it back between those wonderful cheeks. She lifted her tail and wiggled her butt enticingly, looking back at me with lust-hazed eyes. If there’s anything an ausar loves, it’s doggystyle. I slid into her with one smooth, easy motion, spearing her pussy almost to the hilt, until the growing swell of my canid knot pushed against her lips. Even if millennia of evolution had tailored ausar girls to taking that knot, it still would spell the end of the fun; for now, I opted to keep it out, letting it press ever so slightly against her before drawing back again until my sheath-clad prick was barely in her at all. Fingers sinking into her big hips for support, I started to thrust, fucking her hard after all that teasing and sucking, my body desperate for release. The cocktail of what could only have been aphrodisiacs she’d given me all but took over, now that my cock was buried in a wet, inviting pussy, and my hips slammed into Anno’s backside with abandon, harder and harder until we were both crying out with pleasure, our voices intermingling with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

When I came, I came hard. A bestial roar tore itself from my lips as my cock swelled with seed. Primal instinct kicked in, and I slammed myself balls-deep into Anno’s sex, my fully-swollen knot pounding its way through her gaping lips to lodge inside her, tying us together as I busted my nut inside her, hips still bucking with every spurt of seed erupting from my dick and into the nano-fiber sheath around it, ballooning the condom inside her. Anno cried out in pleasure as I came, her fingers rubbing across her slit and clit, joining my short, jerky knotted thrusts until she joined me in climax.

She was a squirter, too; before I knew it, my thighs were covered in musky girlcum, pressed firmly against Anno’s butt and held by the thick swell of my knot, binding us together as we came and came, pumping each other full of or covered in spunk until we were both panting and gasping for breath, bodies quivering with exhaustion and pleasure.

With some awkwardness, I slipped my arms around Anno’s waist and pulled her up against me, sliding the both of us under the blanket. We kissed again over her shoulder, my hands wandering up to cup her breasts again as we tried to settle down, ignoring the almost overwhelming reek of sex and sweat clinging to us. We fell asleep still bound together, entangled in each other’s arms beneath the thin covers of Anno’s bed.

I woke to a slight vibration in my arm. With a yawn, I cracked one eye open and flicked the touch screen on my holoband. Athena’s green avatar materialized, arms locked behind her rigid back in a military at-ease. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and rolled Anno’s face out of my cleavage.

“Sup?” I groaned, checking the time. Barely past 5:00.

“Sorry, Captain Kaede, am I interrupting…?”

“No, it’s fine,” I said, swinging my feet out of the bed and searching for my underwear. At some point in the night, Anno and I must have slipped apart, though a quick whiff told me I still smelled powerfully of ausar snatch and my own spunk. I pulled the condom off my cock, tied it off, and tossed it in the trash. Ew, ew, ew.

Athena adjusted the strap of her toga, probably seeing more than she’d bargained for. “Anyway, captain, I just thought you would want to know that ship’s sensors caught somebody snooping around our berth at oh-five-hundred hours, local time. Whoever it was attempted to access a hull circuit panel, though I was able to scare him off by powering up the forward turret.”

The A.I. grinned, clearly pleased with herself.

I nodded, finally finding my underwear and slipping it on before abandoning the bed entirely. “Did you get a good look at him?”

“Sorry, captain. Too dark in the hangar bay. You should consider investing in night-vision cameras.”

“As soon as I’m not eating ramen every other night,” I snapped, a little too harsh. “You did good, Ath. Keep an eye out; I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Understood. Oh, uh, captain… you have something…” she said, indicating her cheek. I rubbed at mine, and my fingers came away smeared with some of Anno’s cherry lipstick.

The holoband clicked off, leaving me to gather up my clothes in darkness. I managed to dress myself, found my gun and holstered it, and splashed some water on my face from the kitchen sink. I must not have been all that quiet, because Anno was waiting for me when I went for the door. She flipped her nightstand light on and propped herself up on an elbow with the blanket hanging limply from a shoulder, revealing one of her ample breasts. That alone made me loathe to leave.

“Going somewhere?” she purred invitingly, her slim body in that big bed practically begging for me to join her.

Before I could answer, Anno laughed and stood, closing the distance between us in two strides on her long legs. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in for a kiss. “At least let me make you some breakfast, Kaede.”

I relented with a nod, and smiling ear to ear, Anno slipped away into the kitchen, leaving me with a parting view of her bare backside, hips a-swaying as she walked. For the first time, I turned on the apartment’s ceiling lights, and squinted in the sudden flash of brightness.

Anno’s apartment was probably an officer’s quarters when Novahome was actually a spaceworthy ship, not what you’d call roomy, but comfortable. A little smaller than the studio place I had back on Tavros, with steel bulkheads for walls, mostly painted over with a cheerful lime green that didn’t suit the place’s owner very well at all. The place was pretty messy, befitting a bachelor pad: piles of junk and stacks of books on the tables and much of the floor space, including a lot of techno-junk probably salvaged from the planet-wide scrapyard outside. The only really personal thing I could see was faintly flickering holo-picture on her nightstand, showing Anno and what I figured was her sister, an athletic raven-haired girl, hand in hand and grinning at the camera. Behind them were a pair of stern, well-dressed older ausars, probably their parents. Anno’s sister was pretty cute…

I snapped-to from a momentary threesome daydream as the smell of sizzling bacon filled the air, briefly masking the musky odor we’d left in our wake. I slipped into the kitchen behind my host and locked my arms around belly, nuzzling my chin into her neck. Anno giggled, putting a peck on my cheek as she flipped the bacon. I got the toast as it popped, and we worked together for a few minutes after that, working in silence, content to enjoy each other’s company.

The next time either of us spoke, we were sitting in her breakfast nook. I sniffed the glass of milk I’d been given, instinctively wary of another dose of lust-drug. Anno blushed a little, whispering, “Sorry about the drink last night. I guess you probably didn’t know what it was, huh?”

I waved her off with a smile. I should have been mad, at least a little, but after my run in with a certain kui-tan space pirate… well, let’s just say I had other people more deserving of my ire. Anno seemed like a weight was lifted off her shoulders, and after that we spend the next half an hour making pleasant small talk, reminiscing about the Academy or shooting the shit about our respective ships, engaging in a little techno-dickmeasuring.

We laughed and teased all through breakfast, and all the while I tried to ignore the insistent bulge growing under my skirt as my eyes wandered across Anno’s nude form, her chest on full and shameless display as she ate completely in the buff. When we’d finished eating, I made as if to leave again, and once more Anno stopped me, though this time with a serious look on her face.

“I don’t suppose you have another pressing job lined up, do you, Red?” she asked, only hints of her normal playfulness in her voice.

I didn’t, and said so.

She grinned. “You any good with that piece?”

Her eyes flashed to the gunbelt on my hips. I’d played enough holo-games to get to be a decent shot, though I’d only ever been in a firefight once before, and I still had nightmares about it. Honestly that night in Anno’s arms was the first time in weeks I hadn’t woken up in a cold sweat, thinking of bullets racing around my head. I shuddered at the thought.

“What’re you getting at?” I said, once more a little too harshly.

Anno stepped back. “Woah, calm your tits, Red. Not wetwork or anything, jeez. I was just thinking… I’ve got to go out and fix some of Steele’s research platforms near the Rift. There’s a lot of hostile wildlife out there, and the shop has a contractor budget, so… maybe hang out with me today, watch my back while I hit the reset button on some pylons?”

My shoulders relaxed, and my smile returned. A day of casual sex and quiet guard duty might be just the thing I needed…


I’ve gotten into trouble a few times in my career, and it always came at me by surprise. Pirates, space monsters, and crooked spacers can all come at you without warning. Talon Rogue and I bear the scars from more than one ambush on the space lanes. For once, now, I knew what I was getting into. Sydian rust-creatures, raskvel rogues, and malfunctioning robots all roamed the surface of Tarkus. If anything tried to fuck with Anno while she did her job, I’d be ready for them.

That’s what I told myself, anyway.

Kaede (Alder) SmallBy the time I met Anno at her speeder later that morning, I actually looked the part of a bodyguard. Between the Steele Tech shop in Novahome and Anno’s apartment full of junk, we were able to piece together a rudimentary shock gauntlet that hooked up nicely to my holoband’s bracer (zap!), plus a leather jacket with TS-T ballistic plates sewn inside and out (not battlefield armor, mind, and uncomfortably heavy. But they’ll stop a bullet!) and a few magazines of 10mm hollowpoints for my Hammer pistol. Serious man-stoppers, those. Anno herself was back in her employer’s skin-tight catsuit, plus a hooded cloak clasped around her shoulders. I saw the little holdout pistol on her hip, but she quickly insisted she’d never even fired it before, that the company made her carry it outside the walls of Nova. I guess that made me the veteran of the two of us.

Anno shot me a grin as I stepped into the blazing sunlight of Tarkus proper, stumbling off the crude ramp from a breached bulkhead and onto the sandy ground around it. The oily rain had stopped, giving way to a dry, parching heat that seemed ten times worse in my leathers.

“Well, aren’t you just the little space marine?” she chuckled, hopping into the speeder — an old, rust-covered junker that looked like a hockey puck and an engine block had a baby and beat it with an ugly stick. And here I’d imagined Anno driving a blazing red hotrod. I banished the thought and wrenched the side door open, plopping down into a surprisingly cushiony seat that I just about sank into. By the time I managed to dig myself out of my seat and strap in, my lovely driver had already cycled the engine and slipped us out of the yard. For an old clunker, she ran quick and silent on hover pads fifty times stronger than the ones on my old cargo pallet.

To top it all off, she actually had fuzzy dice on the rear-view.

We were silent for a while as we zipped through the labyrinth-like corridors of space-junk. I kept my eyes out for trouble, but at the speeds we were going, anything that tried to bother us would be eating dust in the blink of an eye. I shifted uncomfortably in the too-soft chair, and slipped an arm around Anno’s head-rest.

She spared me a grin and a quick glance from the path ahead. “Ignore the junk and the ozone smell and… it kind of reminds you of old times, huh, Kaede?”

I smiled, and shifted my arm down to her lithe little shoulders. It was easy, in that moment, to think back through the years, to our long drives beneath the mega-structures of Ausaril, through the shadows of ancient towers that reached up to kiss the stars. I’d been a freshman to the Academy, straight off the boat and planetside for the first time in my life; Anno had been a teacher’s assistant in my stellar physics class, working on her doctorate. I bombed a test, and she offered to tutor me. We ended up dating the rest of second semester, and most of my Sophomore year, until the money got tight and I had to drop out. We’d been talking about moving in together the next year when I got the news.

Long distance was easier nowadays, with holo-tech and quantum communications nice and cheap, but… I guess after that, we drifted. It happens. I looked to Anno, wondering if this was why she’d called me, asked me to come out with her: not just for a hookup, but for… well, more than that?

And if she had, would I say yes?

Before I could say a word, we took a hard bend in the junk-corridor and came to a short stop beside what looked like an old-world moisture vaporator covered with little radio dishes and antennas. The engines puttered out as Anno parked us beside the thing, and she stepped out, ears perking as she looked around.

“We’re here. This’ll just take a minute, Red. Keep an eye out.”

I pulled myself out of the seat and half-stumbled out of the speeder. “Yeah, you got it.”

We made ourselves busy. Anno plied a cover off of the device and started mucking around in the circuitry; I rested a hand on the butt of my sidearm and kept watch on the surrounding junk heaps. Most were piles of loose wreckage, leftover bits from starships or ground vehicles. If anyone tried to sneak up on us, they’d make plenty of noise.

When a few minutes passed by uneventfully, I sat myself down on the hood of the speeder, attention shifting between my watch duty and Anno. She worked with a quiet surety, her movements practiced and precise. Over her shoulder, I could see several small screens and bunches of wires hanging like vines across the readouts, all of which flashed and flickered as she reset the machine.

Maybe ten minutes after we’d parked, Anno pulled a small flash disk from the machine, closed it back up, and flashed me a grin. “All done.”

We set out a bit slower after that, heading westward to what Anno called “the oil sea.” I shuddered at the thought of it, trying to picture an ocean of murky black, polluting everything it touched. From what I’d seen, the whole planet was an eco-nightmare, if you could even call it a planet anymore. Not much grew on Tarkus, and what little we saw looked twisted and mutated, just… wrong. Everything was desert and rust, stretching out forever and pock-marked by hills of trash and valleys of debris.

When I asked my companion what had happened to Tarkus, she could only shrug. “You know, there’s a formula some human came up with that shows how many civilizations are around in the galaxy. Drake’s equation. You figure out how many worlds could have ever supported life, and then you cut that many down by maybe ninety-nine percent. That’s how many species ever rise higher than monkeys or cats, who ever achieve technology. Then of those, strike out another ninety-nine percent, maybe more, when those races reach their nuclear age, or there-about. How many civilizations destroy themselves. Not everybody gets to survive, Red.”

Just then, we passed by another ancient starship sitting in the center of a debris-ridden crater, not quite as big as Novahome, but still immense. It could easily have been a Confederate carrier or a dreadnaught. Its back had broken on impact, tearing it in half down the middle. Even I could see the scars it had borne before it crashed: chunks of hull ripped out like claw-marks across the sides, decks burned away by laser blasts or nukes. I wondered how many skeletons we might find inside.

The next research beacon was at the mouth of the crater, overlooking the steep drop into the ship’s graveyard. A clump of thick, tightly bound wires trailed from the machine in the debris surrounding the ship, vanishing from sight. I guessed that they might go all the way into the wreck, probably trying to sniff out alien tech still salvageable. I couldn’t think of many other reasons for Steele Tech to be all the way out here. Anno parked us a few feet from the edge and hopped out, poking her head into the beacon’s hull and getting to work. I turned my attentions to the junkpiles behind us, dutifully watching for threats.

She came up for air a minute later, coughing violently and stumbling back to her knees, waving her hands in front of her face. Her face was smeared with oil, and the beacon chirped loudly, announced it was experiencing a fuel-line problem, and shut itself off completely. About as unladylike as could be, Anno spat up some oil onto the ground and ran a hand through her snowy hair, staining a streak of it black. “Not the most romantic date, huh?” she grinned, teeth blackened.

“Hold still,” I sighed, pulling a handkerchief from my pocket and crouching beside her. Her tall ears tucked down as I cupped her cheek, rubbing off the grease from her face. I stifled a grin as her bushy little tail lifted, eyes widening just a bit as I cleaned her up. I couldn’t do much with just a dry rag, but by the time I’d finished, Anno’s tail was wagging happily, her cheek nuzzling into my grip. I could feel one of her hands tracing up my thigh, towards the growing bulge fighting to get out of my pants.

“Dirty girl,” I teased, starting to ease Anno onto her back.

And then all hell broke loose.

Just as I was tugging down the zipper of her catsuit, a banshee cry from hell tore out across the rust fields. I rolled off of Anno, going for my gun by reflex; over the nearest crap-hill, I saw something move, hopping from cover to cover. I shoved Anno behind the research beacon just in time for a laser bolt to streak out from the hilltop, slamming into the beacon’s hull, showering me with sparks. Cursing, I tumbled behind the front of the speeder, putting it between me and the gunman.

Two more bolts slammed into the speeder after me before I could actually clear my Hammer pistol from its holster. A quick glance told me Anno had her holdout drawn, too, as she curled up behind the beacon, which suddenly seemed very small. I peeked my head out, looking for the shooter. We spotted each other at the same time, and I just got myself back down before the hood of the speeder erupted in red fire.


Time for diplomacy. “Whoever the fuck you are, stop shooting!” I shouted, “We’re not your enemies!”

“Enemies!” a man’s voice answered, with just enough tin in it to tell me it was probably a raskvel. “You’re in my territory! You must pay the price for your intrusion, or my pets will make you!”


Anno answered him: “Steele Industrial Technology and Production claimed this land under the Articles of Colonization and Ascension, article thirty-seven-b, subsection seven. If you think this lands belongs to you or that we’re violating your rights as an indigenous Tarkusian, you can take it up with Mr. Steele and the U.G.C. Corporate Regulatory Board.”

That sounded about as rote and unconvincing as it could possibly be. Quieter, Anno said, “If he keeps shooting at us we’re legally in the clear to waste him.”

“Oh, thank God for the law,” I muttered, trying to spot him and these pets. I caught flashes of the little bastard, hopping around between outcroppings on the hilltops, but never for more than a second. He wasn’t firing anymore, but I knew better than to stick my neck too far out to line up a shot. I didn’t exactly have regenerating health, here.

I saw something else move up over another junk-hill from the corner of my eye, and suddenly realized what the crazy raskvel meant by pets. I had just enough time to register what they were: small, flying spheres — drones — before they attacked, a pair of tiny turrets along their peripheries opening fire on us. Pain lanced through my arm before I could react, and I stumbled back clutching at my jacket, staring in horror as three big, pink darts lodged in my sleeve: two caught on one of the armored plates, but the third had found a gap, and I could feel the needle half-buried in my shoulder. Fuck!

I ripped it out, one quick, clean motion that sent another shock of pain through me. Thank God that wasn’t an actual bullet. I tossed the dart aside, only barely registering that it had been a needle full of… something. Poison? Nothing I could do about that. I leaned out of cover and fired, better to suppress and waste ammo than get flanked. Half a magazine went between the pair of drones coming my way before they broke off, taking a hard left to put another hill between me and them.

Already, I felt a rush of heat welling up inside me. I wiped at my brow, the pain of the needle already forgotten in place of the burning in my chest and… my cock? I groaned as I suddenly realized my pre-battle boner was back to raging.

“Hardly the time or place, little buddy,” I said, looking up for the drones. They came in for another pass, riddling the hood of the speeder with darts. I fired fast, the 10mm’s nasty recoil sending my bullets spraying before I could fully line up another shot. That hardly mattered: the little bastards were quick, darting around like bees before getting too close. Spitting a curse, I ducked down and swapped magazines, racking the slide just in time to pop a shot off at the drones’ master as he changed cover.

I heard his shriek, and the sound of a body tumbling. I hit! The drones forced me back into cover, swinging back to guard their master. My cock twitched hard in my pants, straining the fabric of my jeans as it kept getting harder. The fuck?

My mind found itself divided between the ideas of pressing the attack, or rushing over to Anno and spreading her legs. Just for a second. I shook my head, trying to clear it… only to see the drones slowly hovering forward, closing in.

“Red! On three!” Anno shouted, scooting up to press her shoulder into the back of the beacon. I saw her ready her gun, and through a shroud of lust, managed to brace myself.

“Onetwothree!” she shouted, and we both rose and fired. My Hammer thundered in my hand once, twice, thrice, and the closest drone exploded into a shower of sparks, spiraling to the ground. I didn’t even hear Anno’s shot, but I did see the second drone take a tumble, one clean hole punched in its electronic eye.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but a bit too soon: a tiny, bulky figure emerged from the top of the hill, a laser rifle leveled at us from the hip.

“Nooooo!” the raskvel cried, seeing his drones in a heap between us, “My pets! My precious pets! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THEM!?”

Anno and I exchanged a look, and all three of us fired at once. Laser bolts kicked up the ground around us as we ausars fired our handguns, three shots dead on target. I watched as a bright orange barrier lit up like a Christmas tree around the little rask: a shield. Bullets weren’t going to do dick against him, unless we wanted to slug it out for half an hour. And I didn’t think I could keep from fucking something for that long.

“Cover me!” I shouted, and charged.

Three bright red laser bolts cracked around me, deadly close, scorching the air until my nose and eyes burned. I was half way up the hill when a fourth hit, knocking me down — but not out. Anno screamed, finally got her shit together, and let loose. Her gun was almost silent save the crackle of energy as the raskvel’s shield thrummed, crackling under the sudden barrage. I coughed, gripping my chest as I stood; my fingers came away with ash and a little blood. Not a serious hit, but God! Fuck, ow. The rask stumbled back as his shield buckled under Anno’s fire, breaking his hail of fire just enough for me to get back on my feet and close the distance, trying hard to fight through the burning in my chest.

The thing about energy shields: they’re great at blocking bullets, but not so much with fists.


I clenched my fist, letting a combination of anger and a weird battle-lust carry me up the hill and straight into the raskvel’s face. His rifle came up; I batted it aside, hooking its barrel under my Hammer’s magazine before he could blast me. He let out a squeal of terror as I grabbed his face, gauntleted fingers holding him by his feathery dome. The electric shock hit him like a lightning bolt, giving me a flash-look at his little skeleton before he staggered back, smoking and smelling like ozone. He didn’t put up any resistance when I grabbed the rifle from his hands and cracked the butt of it over his head, knocking him out with a hard blow. He crumpled like a ragdoll at my feet.

Anno appeared beside me, sliding a new magazine into her holdout. She looked from me to the unconscious raskvel. “God damn, Red. Where’d you learn to do that?”

I shrugged. “I play a lot of video games.”

Whatever the rask had shot me with — the dart, not the laser — was getting awfully hard to resist. My hand reached out of its own accord, grabbing a handful Anno’s ass, making her squeal in surprise. I pulled her close, but she shoved me away.

Kaede Chibi (Alder)“Christ, Kaede, what’re you…” I let out a bestial grunt as the swelling hard-on in my pants twitched painfully, trying to tear its way out of my jeans. Anno looked down and blanched. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly get my lady-boners from fighting. Let’s…”

“Poison,” I managed to growl, tearing myself out of my jacket and shirt. The skin all up my right arm was flushed a bright red, so sensitive to the touch that just pulling my shirt off nearly made me cum.

“Aphrodisiac,” Anno corrected, tearing off a strip of the shirt I’d tossed and dabbing at my chest, over the laser-burn.

I winced, but it wasn’t too bad, especially with the lust-venom coursing through me. Her every touch was magic, and she didn’t resist when I guided her hand to my breast, slipping off my bra to give her better access to me. I checked myself over while Anno wrapped a makeshift bandage around my chest. There wasn’t a noticeable arm wound from the dart, though a quick glance at my own chest told me to be glad I’d had some armor on: there was a reddish-black burn just over my right tit, painful to the touch but only skin deep. A couple inches lower, though, and I’d have been in a world of hurt.

I shuddered as my friend tended to me, but once again she slipped from my grasp when I went for her. Shit. With a half-growl-half-sigh, I turned my attention to the unconscious gunman between us, figuring I’d try and make myself busy if Anno wasn’t putting out. A quick pat-down turned up a knife hidden in his boot, and a bandolier of those pink darts inside his jacket. I tossed them away with his rifle, and pulled the shield belt from his waist: it was pretty new, proudly bearing the JoyCo logo across the buckle, emblazoned over the face of a friendly looking V-KO nurse droid, the company’s mascot. Score! I buckled it on over my own belt, though a quick test showed the shield had collapsed under the weight of our bullets and my shock gauntlet’s discharge. I could fix that later.

The familiar sense of being watching crept up on me. I turned to Anno, saw her sticking her head back in the beacon, trying to undo the damage of the battle; looking down, I found that the little raskvel had woken up, his big dark eyes utterly fixated on my bare chest.

“Why?” I asked simply, looming over him. At the least, I was nearly twice his height; prostrate on the junk heap, he looked like a helpless child. I’d have felt bad if I wasn’t packing a drugged-up diamond stiffy and a burn over my tit.

The raskvel tried to scramble back, but I dropped a foot on his groin, pinning him to the spot. I could feel his own erection through his breeches, and it took all my willpower not to drop down and ride it like a bitch in heat. Which, in hindsight, is exactly what I was.

“WHY!?” I repeated, grinding my boot down enough to make the little bastard squeal. So hard…

“E-eggs! I just… I was just gonna give you eggs!” the pipsqueak squawked, visibly trembling.

I stared. “What?”

“I just wanted to fill you full of eggs! You weren’t… weren’t full!”

For a moment, my mind drew a blank… and then I remembered the shopkeeper I’d brought the incubators to, her belly swollen with raskvel eggs, insisting that I would be, too.

That explained the aphrodisiac ammunition. “So what, you were just going to fuck us, is that it?”

The raskvel squirmed when I shouted at him, but didn’t deny it. Well, that made it easy, then. I let a tiny smile play across my face as my hand went towards my zipper. “Fuck me full of eggs, huh? Till I’m nice and pregnant, bloated with your eggs; that was the plan?”

I shifted my foot, and he finally nodded. “You were just so… empty…” he groaned.

Grin widening, I pulled my zipper and freed the beast. I don’t normally play my trap card (I’m terrible! Sorry!) like that, but the look on the rask’s face when my big, red dick flopped out was an absolutely priceless mix of horror and confusion. My pants fell down to my ankles, leaving me just about naked over him, giving my would-be attacker a full view of my body. I even spun around and bent over, showing off my one, lonely hole back there. The Estrobloom++ treatments I’d taken as a young teen had given me a nice pair of tits and my sexy, girly figure, but couldn’t do anything about what was sitting between my legs. My cock throbbed, beading with excitement, blatantly enjoying being ogled.

Looking back between my spread legs, I asked, “So, how’s the plan working out for you?”

The raskvel gulped, eyes wide as the gravity of his mistake began to dawn on him. Shooting a stranger with a dart full of fuck-drug… he should have expected something like this. My brain screamed that it was time to teach the little bastard a lesson, and any scrap of moral horror I could have felt died with another pulse in my cock that sent shudders up my spine. I needed to fuck. To feel a cock inside me, filling my hole with seed. To blow my load deep inside a hole, willing or not. The need was irrevocable, undeniable. I needed release!

With one swift kick, the raskvel was on his back. I jumped on him, fingers working like claws to tear his clothes away until I finally got at my prize: the sweet… uh, not very little at all… cock hanging between his legs. For such little guys, I’d figured raskvel to have tiny little peckers; but this… this was a monster. I must of stopped and gawked, because the scaly little bastard flushed a brighter shade of red, the behemoth between his legs going fully turgid in the open air. It must have been more than foot long, near as thick around as my forearm, and bulbous besides, just like a lizard’s. My lust-addled mind didn’t waste another second — instinct took over as I took the stiff, veiny thing into my mouth and sucked it down to the hilt. The cock’s owner let out a startled yelp, but I didn’t care about him anymore, just the mammoth cock he was packing, now nestled between my lips, straining my jaw open wide. Right where it belonged. I gave a little moan — more of a whimper, really — and started to move my head, bobbing up the shaft, tasting every inch to try and sate the voracious cock-lust taking over my mind.

He was salty, sweaty, and oh so wonderful. A part of my mind was screaming, telling me how I’d never do something like this… but that voice was drowned out utterly as I felt my throat distending to accommodate the massive maleness in my mouth. I gagged, suppressed it, and bottomed out again. My tongue lashed out, slurping at the hefty sack swinging beneath my prize. I couldn’t stop myself from grinning as I counted out not two, but three nads in the smooth, scaleless spherical pouch, all churning with seed, ready to fill my gut or baste my insides. Maybe both! God, yes… I pulled up, already licking my lips, heart hammering in anticipation.

The raskvel stared down the length of his tiny little body at me, confused and frightened. My grin widened, cock hardening to truly painful levels. I felt like I was just going to pop. I shifted up, my breasts dragging across the spit-slick shaft of his dick; we both shuddered with the sensation, my skin so sensitive I nearly came when a nipple brushed cockflesh.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I sneered, moving up until my knees straddled his almost womanly-wide hips, grabbing his cock and positioning it behind me, pressed into the cleft of my ass, just as Anno had done to me. Hands planted on his chest, I shifted my ass up along the length of his mammoth member, reveling in the sensation of it so blissfully close, barely able to hold myself back from taking the plunge. The raskvel babbled something about how sorry he was, that he’d never do it again. I put up with it for about a second before grabbing his feathery little head and shoving it down on my prick, giving the little slut a mouthful of cock. He screamed and gasped, gagging around the red torpedo spearing down his throat.

Something told me this wasn’t his first rodeo, though: a moment later and his tongue got to work, slathering up my shaft, his scaly head bobbing up my length. I cooed appreciatively, a hand running through the bright plumage on his head as my hips shifted again, rising up the length of his own twitching, wet cock and positioning its bulbous crown at the clenched ring of my hole. One deep breath to relax myself, and down I went.

There’s no feeling in the world like it. The fullness, the rising in your chest, the painful pleasure of penetration. My back arched, breath pounding out of my chest as I slid down the raskvel’s rigid cock, feeling my ass stretch and squirm around it, muscles going wild as they tried to accommodate the sheer girth of it. The crown passed the tiny little bud of mind-blowing pleasure that was my prostate, inches of hot cockflesh rubbing it until I was moaning and cumming, bucking my hips into the rask’s mouth as my cock erupted in a thick, white load. His eyes went wide as I basted his mouth with cum, forcing his head down to the base to get at his tight little throat. He sucked like a pro, though; never missing a beat as I face-fucked him with every move of my hips.

As if that was going to satisfy my newfound libido. I’d just blown my first load but couldn’t bring myself to stop — the thought never crossed my mind. I rode the raskvel’s cock like the cockhungry whore he’d wanted me to be, slapping my ass down on his groin and crying out as my gut bulged in the shape of his cockhead.

“God, yes! Just like that!” I moaned, groping at my tits, leaving the little reptile’s head to flop back on the ground listless and bliss-fried, his body just along for the ride now. Cum drooled from his lips, pooling in his long feathers and onto his neck. I just jacked it myself after that, too desperate for more to bother with him anymore. I couldn’t get soft, even after orgasm; my red puppy-pecker just kept on throbbin and cumming, drooling more and more spooge onto his belly as his dick milked it out of my sack through my ass.

All the rage, the terror, the love I had felt over the last hour was washed away over… I don’t know how long. All that was left was the poison running red-hot in my veins, the need. I just kept fucking and fucking, rutting on the breeding pole inside me until I felt the raskvel’s body tense up, shuddering and twitching as his orgasm came. I screamed, loud and hard, pure ecstasy burning through me as I felt the first gush of warm, sticky cream filling me. My body kept moving, bouncing, milking those three churning balls pressing into my ass for all they were worth. And they were so, so full… the raskvel kept cumming and cumming until I felt myself swelling with seed, positively pregnant with his alien offspring.

Maybe it wasn’t a rut, it was… heat.

Didn’t matter. I had just enough time to process the thought before I found myself rolling off the still-spasming cock, grabbing it and deepthroating it in one clean, forceful motion that took me back down to his base, smearing my face and throat with seed. I was never one for cockworship before, but this… it felt so right to suck and lick it, to have the sweet, hot spunk rolling down my cheeks, smearing across my breasts. I was in heaven.

I don’t know how long I sat there sucking, supping from the altar of dick. Consciousness returned like a jolt, a sudden flash of awakening when I realized that I had some alien’s prick in my mouth, drooling cum from both holes and my own half-hard member. I coughed and sputtered, wiping cum from my lips, stumbling back from the unconscious raskvel. It took a moment to settle in that I’d just fucked someone not just into submission, but until it had blacked the fuck out.

Still coughed up spunk, I flopped onto my back and clutched my jacket to my bare, cum-slathered chest, using what little was left of my shirt to wipe his seed off me. I reeked, smelling like a Throbb-user’s gym. What had I just… damn. I tried to shake it off, putting it off on the lust-venom the little bastard had shot me full of. At this point, I just felt dirty. When I was as clean as I was getting, I pulled the jacket back on and zipped it up, tucking it into my jeans and hooking my gunbelt back on. With one last look over my shoulder at the KO’d raskvel, I staggered down the hill and back toward Anno.


I felt like an animal.

All my life, I’d never had much of a libido. Sex was great, but it had never ruled me before, like I was some randy bitch begging to be bred. The thought of what I’d just done made me shudder. I tried to push it from my mind, clear my thoughts with a few deep breaths. I wiped the sweat off my brow and stepped back down to the cliffside where we’d parked the speeder.

Anno wasn’t there.

My ears perked as I noticed her absence, eyes scanning for any sign of her. I noticed the beacon and the speeder were both smoking, covered in laser burns and shrapnel scores from the firefight. I walked over to the speeder, tried to turn it on, and was greeted with a hoarse sputter and a backfire like a gunshot from the engines. A new trail of smoke rose up from it.

Well, we weren’t going anywhere with that, now. I keyed my holoband, flipped through the digital rolodex, found Anno’s number, and tapped it. A digital ring followed, once, twice, then a loud clicking. A holographic Anno popped up on my wrist, flickering with interference. She looked bent over, like she was working on something.

My cock twitched again, still eager for more. I couldn’t shake the primal urge to bend my old friend over something solid and pound her pussy, pump her full of cum. Dammit, no! Fun later, work now.

“Hey, Red! Have fun?”

“Uh…” I fidgeted.

Anno grinned at me. “Don’t worry about it. Raskvel think they’re clever, using drugged-up weapons. Sorry I didn’t help you out with that, by the way. Nearly getting shot doesn’t exactly put me in the mood.”

“So… we okay?”

“Definitely!” she beamed. “Not like we were ever exactly exclusive, is it? Oh man, you remember that time we got fucked up at that Stratosphere concert and…”

“Who’s ‘we,’ lightweight? Anyway, where are you?”

“In the derelict. The beacon’s fried, but it was hooked up to the computer banks in here, trying to break through the firewalls. Been at it for weeks. If I’m lucky, the damn thing backed itself up onto the computer it was working on when it got hit. Or at least copied its data over. Could be the key to finding out what happened to Tarkus. To the Nova. Should be just a couple minutes. If I’m not back in five, come rescue me, okay?”

I chuckled. “Like a knight in shining armor. See you in five, babe.”

“You know it!” she grinned, and clicked off.

I sighed, slapped a new mag into my pistol, and called Talon Rogue up. “Hey, Athena. We got jumped in the wasteland. I’m a little fucked up, and our speeder’s fried. Wanna swing around and give us a lift?”

“Are you hurt, captain?” she answered coolly, avatar flickering to life where Anno’s had stood. “I can contact a doctor, or…”

“No, just a flesh wound,” I answered, wincing a bit as myc jacket rubbed at the bandage. “I got hit with some kind of drug, though. Starting to wear off already, but I think I ought to lie down for a while.”

She nodded. “Understood, captain, dusting off now. ETA: fifteen minutes.”

Her avatar winked out, leaving me all alone in the wastes. I looked around, sighed, and sat down on something that looked like it might have been a refrigerator once, face-down in the dust. Just a few minutes more, and I could jack this lust-drug away in the privacy of my own ship, or maybe even get Anno in on it if she was back in the mood. God, that would be nice….

Of course, nothing’s ever that easy.

Five minutes passed in silence. I think I saw the raskvel gunslinger scamper off down the hill at some point, but other than that, the wastes were quiet. I looked down into the crater, saw no trace of Anno, and sighed. Shit. Never ever that easy. I keyed my holoband again, let it ring until I got her V.I. suite saying she couldn’t pick up right now, would I like to leave a message? No, I’d like Anno to get up here so I can go home and wank in peace.

“ANNO!” I shouted down into the crater. Her name echoed on the wind, but no snowy ausar girls appeared to answer. “Fuck.”

I drew my sidearm and started down the side of the crater. It was packed with enough junk that my descent wasn’t much steeper than a low hill. Which gave me plenty of time to admire the view: the torn-open bulkheads and cracked hull plates of the old starship loomed high above me, several deck interiors naked to the elements. The question came back to me: how many skeletons were we liable to find inside? How many hands had gone down with this old boat? I couldn’t help but shudder as I followed the power lines down from the beacon to a square-cut hole in the bulkheads: the way in.

I flicked an icon on my holoband and it started to glow brighter, almost like a torch. I stepped into a long passageway, covered with dust so thick it might have been sturdier than what was left of the bulkheads. I followed the cables, glancing between them and the path ahead every few moments, careful of my footing. I didn’t think I was on a bottom deck of the derelict — any step could take me plunging through a weak spot to a broken leg if I was lucky; to my death if I wasn’t.

Hope that’s not what happened to Anno.

The power lines led me deeper into the ship, through a maze of passages and burst-open airlocks. I didn’t see any bodies, but the deeper I went, the more signs of battle there were. Ancient shell casings and carbon burns littered the way forwards, like there had been a running firefight through the ship. Boarded, maybe? Whoever had made this ship hadn’t been much bigger than a raskvel, once upon a time: the deeper I went, the more cramped and claustrophobic the passages became, until I was stooping over just to get by. This must have been about where I’d called Anno the first time. I wasn’t far behind.

Another few minutes passed, the passages getting tighter and tighter, like the walls had been crushed together in a vice. I wasn’t even sure how Anno had run the lines in here in the first place, except on her hands and knees. Finally, I ended up crawling ahead through what amounted to an air vent that had been torn open, still following the lines until the vanished down a chute. For once, there was light ahead, flickering dimly up the slope the wires ran down.

I paused at the edge, not sure just how much I wanted to trust this rusty old air duct. For all I knew, it might be a fifty foot drop to the room below. Crack, there go the legs. Then again, it could have happened to Anno.

I cursed and tapped the call icon on my holoband again. No answer. Doesn’t hurt to try, right? Well, fortune favors the bold… I grabbed the line tight and slipped down, letting gravity suck me down the chute. It was a long ride — long enough to rip a scream from me as I slide down what ended up being a winding, curved shaft that ended with a short fall onto a mesh floor, overlooking what would have been a reactor once. I landed face-first on the grating, staring down into the rusted-out pillar of the core a few yards below me. The room I’d landed in must have been the engineering deck: I was surrounded by computer banks and work stations, plus several belts and boxes bristling with unrecognizable, rusted tools.

Oh, and Anno, too.

She was lying face-down on the mesh a few feet away, slumped against a computer that was actually on. It hummed softly as the cables I’d been following pumped power into it, its display old-school black-and-green display flickering every few seconds. I staggered to my feet and went to Anno’s side, checking for a pulse. She wasn’t moving, her breath so shallow I could barely see it, but her heart was beating. What the hell…

A voice echoed around me, deep and masculine, booming in the steel room: “I was wondering when you’d show up, Miss Kaede. You certainly took you time.”

Startled, I scanned the room for the speaker. Nothing. I gripped my gun and shouted back, “What did you do to Anno?”

“She’s quite alright,” the voice answered, louder now. Closer. “Just a mild electric shock to render her unconscious. I couldn’t have her warning you somehow, now could I?”

The door. I grabbed Anno, hoisted her over my shoulder, and ran for it. It was locked, of course. Mag-sealed for God only knows how long: the handle was so thick with rust it was practically crimson. The voice above me tsked, and when I turned back, I saw a thin, shimmering red laser pointed down from darkness above and right to my chest.

I saw him. Standing on a catwalk overhead was a man in a white overcoat, almost like a doctor’s uniform, with a great big ten-gallon hat sitting atop his head. At his side was a curvy, silvery gun, leveled right at my chest. He saw that I saw him, and grinned.

“Peekaboo, captain,” he laughed, and pulled the trigger.

When I woke up, well, I was surprised I was waking up at all.

I remembered a brilliant white light, a blinding flash of pain, then blacking out. I tried to move, but found that I couldn’t. I knew I was sitting, arms over my head. I tried to lower them, and was greeted with a sharp pain that lanced down to my shoulders and the clanking of chains overhead. When I opened my eyes, I found myself still in the ruined husk of the fallen ship, sitting against a rusty wall as naked as could be. The man who’d shot me was standing a few feet away, looming over Anno. Like me, she was chained and naked, though still unconscious. Something large and luminous protruded from between her legs, buzzing faintly.

I shifted my legs, trying to move but getting nowhere. The chains holding my wrists clattered, and the man turned toward me. All I could do was curl up, covering my modesty as much as I could. Silly, in hindsight, but I wasn’t thinking. Just panicking.

“Awake already? Unfortunate,” the man said, one long step bringing him to tower over me. His hands were held in front of him, clad in latex surgical gloves, holding a thick wire that traced back to the… thing… between Anno’s legs. Him fingers twitched around a black remote, and the glowing rod pulsed a brilliant blue; Anno’s whole body convulsed in response, shuddering out a moan as the device he’d shoved inside my friend fucked her. Again I tried to move back, fear taking over. I found only cold steel at my back.

“Ah, you’ve noticed your friend. Don’t worry, captain, she’s in good…. hands…” the man said with a sneer, fingering the remote again. Anno’s back arched, straining against her binds. “Oh, I assure you, the extraction process causes no pain whatsoever. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

“What… what’re you…” I started to say, but found my voice nothing more than a croak as the man crouched down in front of me, locking eyes. His were the hardest steel grey I’d ever seen.

He smiled. Cold and false. “I was really very fortunate to have found the two of you. Oh, yes, very fortunate. Mated pairs are so rare on this planet…”

Mated pair? Extraction? I stared, still straining against my restraints as he stood and paced back to Anno, picking up something from a table. Another bright-blue rod, just like the one buzzing between Anno’s legs. It looked as thick around as my arm, with a mass of thin wires jutting out from one side; the other was rounded, just like a…

Just like a great big dildo.

My tail and ears tucked in terror as the man approached me with the oversized dildo. Even the raskvel’s mammoth cock, still frighteningly fresh in my mind, looked smaller by comparison. My captor took a bottle of lube from his lab coat pocket and squeezed a thick smear onto the shaft, rubbing it in with his latex gloves as he returned to me, dead grin widening.

“You have a magnificent body, miss Kaede. Firm breasts, a supply waist. A pity you are not a hermaphrodite; I should very much like to have duplicated you. Still, your mate will provide more than enough quality genetic material for my needs. She is at peak breeding age, yes, and of good stock. Very fortunate to have found you two indeed.”

As he spoke, the man knelt in front of me. I squirmed, trying to dodge him as a gloved hand, still dripping with lube, slid across one of my bare breasts. I winced as he touched a nipple, still pert and too sensitive after my drugging earlier. I couldn’t suppress a moan. His grin twisted at the sound and he leaned in, close enough that I could smell the wrongness on him, see the sheen of sweat that glazed his entire body. He looked like he was made of wax.

The dildo came to rest on my thigh, cold and slimey. I shuddered, pleasure and fear intermingling as I felt the rod begin to vibrate, inching up the tender inside of my leg until the rounded head brushed my ass. I’d known where it was going — where else? — but it still sent a bolt of sensation up my spine, enough to make me gasp as the cold, humming crown of the artificial cock pressed against my tight-clenched ass.

“Try and relax,” my captor cooed, pushing. “The extraction process will bring you great pleasure, Miss Kaede. You are young and strong. You could last for several days, if I am careful.

“And I am always careful.”


He was strong. Too strong, like a machine. My sphincter clenched and squeezed, but was quickly battered down. I let out a scream as the vibrator forced me open, slid into my already-stretched ass like it was nothing. The tool was massive, and I could feel every inch of its oversized girth push into me, distending my guts to make way for the anal probe forcing its way inside.

I pulled against the chains until it hurt. My legs spasmed, trying to block the intruder; the wax man grunted and shoved them back apart, giving himself uncontested access to my ass. My cock twitched, red flesh poking out over my balls as I was violated. My captor smiled, murmuring “Good, good…” as his anal assault forced me erect. I could feel my prostate being squeezed flat by the sheer size of what was inside me, rubbed raw by every passing inch of plastic. My scream went hoarse, turning into little more than a pathetic whine of pleasure mixed with fear. I couldn’t help myself: the lust venom still flared in my veins, twisting my cries into moans of ecstasy as I was fucked by the glowing rod.

I should have been angry. Terrified. In pain. But as I watched my belly bulge, giving way to the immense vibrating cock, all I could feel was pleasure. It swept through me, overwhelmed me, clawing at my senses until it was all that was left. I barely noticed my captor finish with me, the tool fully lodged inside my now-gaping ass. Music started to play over the ship’s PA, just barely audible over the incessant hum of the vibrator. A mounting orchestral piece, all brass and bombast. The vibe seemed to pulsate to the beat of the music, its motions intensifying as the orchestra built.

Kaede Terrorboner, Low (Alder)“You are enjoying the extraction, yes? Good,” the wax man said, smiling coldly. “I apologize that I did not think to prepare a male extractor… though having seen your performance with my dear raskvel pet, I think you will forgive me, no?”

I answered with a moan, gritting my teeth against the overwhelming waves of pleasure. Already, I was desperate for release, hips squirming to try and fuck the dildo into me, legs looking for purchase but finding none. Fear, indignation, horror — every other emotion gave way to lust, to the desperate need for more. This seemed to please my captor: he began to hum along with the music, booted feet tapping loudly to the same beat that sending vibrations through my gaping hole to the base of my cock.

A second remote appeared in the wax man’s hand, joining the first. When he pressed the buttons, my whole world exploded. An electric current came zapping through the vibrator and into me, shocking my whole body — and especially my battered prostate. I shrieked, balls clenching as the current rushed through me; a second later, I saw a thick spurt of pre bubble up from my straining cock, only to drool down the side of my shaft. The current subsided, leaving me panting and moaning, back still locked in a sharp arch. I shuddered as the hot, slimey cumtrail rolled down my prick, now swaying ever-so-slightly with the increased speed of the vibrator. Around me, the music was swelling, surging toward climax. I wasn’t far behind.

It was too much. I could feel cum welling up, coaxed out by the incessant motion of the vibrator, rubbing and grinding against my sensitive ass. The lust-venom burned through me, blanketing all thoughts but those of rut and release, leaving me bucking against my chains despite the pain, thrusting at the open air in search of a hole to fuck, some soft touch for my aching cock.

“Fuck!” I screamed as another electric shock bolted through my body. The wax man chortled, watching Anno and I both moan and convulse, succumbing to the electrical torment. I was so near to orgasm… one tug, one thrust into a wet hole, would have sent me over the edge. But there was nothing but the slimy feeling of my own pre slipping down my length; no relief in sight, save the mounting pressure constantly building in my ass.

“Are you enjoying the trial run, Miss Kaede?” my captor said, looming over me. “Tsk. Your body is so tense… you must relax. Save your strength for when we begin in earnest.”

Begin in earnest? Oh, shit…

Another jolt hit me, bringing with it the sweet pain of release. I screamed, back arching and hair on-end as a thick wad of cum barreled up my cock. It came out in a white spray, hot spunk smearing across my tits and and chest as I came and came. My voice broke again, leaving me hoarsely gasping as the vibrator milked the cum from me spurt by spurt until my boobs were a hot, sticky mess of white seed. My tongue lashed out instinctively at the few drops that landed upon my face, licking them up shamelessly. The taste was amazing, so salty and creamy… I wanted more, and quickly found myself straining to lap up the blobs of spunk that hand landed on my bust.

“Oh ho! Very good,” my captor said, obviously quite pleased with my lust. “You enjoyed the process, yes? No, you do not need to answer: I can see for myself.”

I moaned pitifully, swallowing my own cum. A tiny part of my mind rebelled, wanting to scream at him, to break my chains and strangle him. But in my current state, lust-addled with a vibrator still going wild inside me, I knew if he shoved his cock in my mouth, I’d suck it eagerly. He didn’t, though. Instead, my captor stepped out of sight, and returned with what I could only guess to be a cock-milker: a vacuum tube just a little bigger than my own still-hard rod, connected to a machine that bristled with nobs and readouts and slots filled with test-tubes.

“Your mate has been very good in providing her genetic material,” my captor said, pressing another button on the vibrator’s remote. The humming whir of its movements only intensified, now maddeningly fast. I cried out, lashing against the chains around my wrists, body going mad with pleasure and pressure as the massive rod inside me worked me like the machine it was, drilling me harder than any fucksaddle I’d ever ridden.

He grinned. “Yes, fertile eggs are so difficult to come by in the place. Discounting, of course, the raskvel. But I tire of experimenting on such creatures. Hold still, Miss Kaede, and you will find this part of the process much more enjoyable…”

I didn’t resist. I should have, I wanted to, but in the end I just spread my legs like an obedient bitch, letting the mad doc put his milker over my prick. It sealed in place with a pneumatic ZIP, and I immediately felt the suction on me, slurping up the seed still congealing on my cock. Between the gentle suction now coaxing and caressing my shaft and the buzzing vibe threatening to tear me apart with every passing second, my mind started to slip — to simply fade, giving way to the unending pleasure gripping me, ready and willing to give this strange man my seed again and again, as long as the pleasure never stopped.

This isn’t right, that last, sapient part of my mind screamed as I moaned, slumping back in my chains as I was fucked and sucked.

Get up! Fight! Do something!

I might have, if I hadn’t been rocked by another orgasm. It couldn’t have been more than couple minutes since the first when the double-team of vibe and milker wrung another climax from me; I screamed my pleasure, hips thrusting into the milker’s cup as cum shot out of me and into the tube, carried away into the machine at the wax man’s feet. I was gasping for breath well before I stopped cumming, left slumped helplessly in my restraints as limp as a ragdoll. Two orgasms was all it took to break me.

I couldn’t see Anno anymore. Couldn’t bring myself to care. All that was left was the need. Fuck sucking cock: if you’d bent me over in public and said, “Come and get it!” I don’t think I’d have cared. The drugs, the pleasure — the unending, ceaseless pleasure, never giving me a second of respite no matter how much it hurt (and it hurt good). Helpless, shameless, I let myself go, moaning like a bitch in heat as the machines fucked me senseless.

I perceived one thing over the incessance of my lust: my captor’s voice. “Good, good. You are quite receptive to extraction. Raskvel drugs in your system, combined with the sensory enhancement lubrication on the device… yes, good, I shall make a note of it. Ah, a full sample already? My, you are productive, Miss Kaede! I shall begin analysis, then, and modification. That is standard in your culture, yes; genetic therapy before and during conception? I cannot allow any imperfections… every life is too precious to be flawed, no?”

Minutes, and another orgasm, passed. I groggily looked up to see my captor standing across the room, back to me, fiddling with a large machine against the far wall. I could see a test-tube of my cum in his hand, loading into a port. Some kind of genetic engineer? Literally a mad scientist… fucking naturally, right? Whatever he was, it wasn’t human. That much was obvious. Now that he had his back to me, I could see the deformity on the back of his head, mostly hidden by his cowboy hat. Like somebody had sheared off half of his skull, flattened it with glistening grey steel. His coat seemed to be hanging off of him, like there was just a rail of a man underneath, a skeleton.

A robot?

Before my lust-addled mind could process that information, my sight was blocked by another figure leaning over me, desperately working the restraints holding me. It took me way too long to realize it was Anno, beautiful in her nudity, chest heaving with effort. My eyes immediately fell to her crotch, topped with a tiny floof of downy white and drenched with her lust. When my restraints were pulled, it took every bit of my waning willpower not to barrel her down and mount her on the spot.

I settled for grabbing her in a hug, holding her tight enough to feel her racing heartbeat.

“Are you okay?” she whispered, barely audible over the music and the sound of the vibrator. I pulled the tool out of my ass, and swooned as the feeling of cold emptiness flooded over me. I almost wanted to put it back…

“No,” I whimpered as Anno pulled the milker off me. Cum splattered her hands as the sudden vaccum brought me to orgasm again; she muffled my cries of pleasure, hands suddenly fixed over my mouth as I bucked and moaned and came all over the both of us. Anno didn’t react at all, just held me until I was done, left panting and gasping, heart hammering as fast as hers.

She forced a tiny smile when I brushed her hands aside, trying to resist the urge to suckle them cleave of my cum. “Think you can walk, Red? We gotta jet.”

“Yeah,” I said, letting help me stand. “How’d you get free?”

“Dislocated my thumbs. Slipped through the shackles,” she answered matter-of-factly. I winced at the thought. “C’mon, we need to move before that asshole–”

A voice boomed, louder than I could bear. “Why are the subjects standing? Returned to your positions immediately! The extraction is not yet complete!”

I looked up, saw the wax man had turned and was staring at us, reaching for the stun gun he’d used before. Anno and I exchanged the briefest of glances before hauling ass away. I was sore, breathless, gaping for the “extractor”‘s massive girth freshly pulled from me. But that last sane part of my mind got me moving, running behind Anno through a door left open nearby. Zaps of energy fire rang out behind us as we ran, the stunner crackling to life, bolts of energy slamming into the walls inches from us.

Anno took my hand and pulled me along. I didn’t dare look back; couldn’t stomach the thought of another minute in the pleasure-daze our captor had locked me in, or the thought of my lover being… I shooked the thought, focused on running. One foot after the other, trying desperately to keep up with Anno. For a scientist, she was fast; I could barely keep up, and pretty soon I felt like she was just dragging me along like a dead weight.

“Come on! RUN!” Anno shouted. Behind us, the stunner fired again, muffling the insane ramblings of our captor.

Another energy burst struck home, scoring across my arm. My arm went limp, and fell out of Anno’s grasp. She turned, giving me a look of horror. In her eyes I could see our captor gaining, almost on us, moving with inhuman speed down the corridor. We were running aimlessly through the heart of the ship, so far from where we’d come in we might never find our way back. The cables we’d followed were nowhere in sight.

Before I could decide we were doomed, we barrelled around a sharp corner and into an elevator terminal. The doors were hanging open, showing a car locked on our floor. The lights overhead were still on.

“Please gods, still work right!” Anno yelled, grabbing me and throwing me in before she punched a button at random.

Our captor rounded the corner, screamed, “I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET. THE EXTRACTION IS INCOMPLETE!” and leveled his stunner at us

He fired just as the doors slid closed.

I winced as the bolt crashed against the steel doors, and the elevator hummed to life. The car jerked, and up we went.

Anno and I nearly collapsed together, fatigue and terror taking over from sheer adrenaline. The lowest decks of the ruined ship fell away below us: going up. Anno pressed the button for the top deck, and breathed a sigh of relief. Before she could speak, I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a kiss.

She tensed a moment, and then melted in my arms. “You okay, Kaede?”

I felt her arms slip around my waist, holding me close. I nodded, said “I will be,” and rested my head on her shoulder. We were about the same height, she and I; when we were close, our chests touched in the most wonderful way, nipples playing across each other. Still thoroughly aroused after the violations visited on us by the wax man, I was painfully aware how near we were: one shift of my hips, and I’d be inside her. It was almost impossible to resist.

I settled for grabbing her ass. Anno just about jumped out of her skin, stifling a yelp as I squeezed a handful of her bum. She flushed red, and kissed me again.

“You’re insatiable,” she teased, trailing kisses down my neck. I moaned, letting her push me against the back of the car. Halfway to the top.

My left arm was still limp, dazed by the electric shock. With my right, I pulled Anno tight, close enough to whisper promises for when we got back to Nova. I tried not to say, “if.” Before long, the elevator slowed, clicked into place at the top of the shaft, and dinged. The doors slid open, revealing the wasteland of Tarkus. Several hundred feet below. I winced as sunlight flooded in, burning my eyes. How long had we been down there — an hour, or days? Anno and I stepped out of the elevator, onto the deck of the ship. Everything above this point had been sheared off, decapitated in the crash that brought the ship down.

We stepped out into the open, hands locked together as we neared the edge of the wreck. Long way down. I looked down at the crack through the center of the ship, trying to count the decks between us and ground level. Twenty? Twenty-five? Hard to tell at that angle. We turned back to the elevator, ready to go back down again, try and hit a deck closer to the surface.

The elevator exploded.

Anno and I screamed as the floor of elevator erupted in a blast of shrapnel and sparks, blowing us back, dangerously close to the jagged edge of the deck. From the hole emerged a pair of arms, stretched out impossibly long to grab the doorframe from far below.

“THE EXTRACTION. IS NOT. COMPLETE,” the wax man’s voice boomed from inside the well. The inhuman arms contracted, pulling him up into view. The over-stretched arms deposited him on the edge of the elevator well before releasing the frame, leaving hand-sized dents in the steel. God, he must have been strong — monstrously so.

He stepped out onto the deck, adjusting the collar of his coat with his now-deformed arms. “Please return to your extraction positions. I cannot afford for you to be harmed,” he said, approaching us with slow, methodical steps that echoed across the expanse of dead air around us.

Anno stepped in front of me, taking up a defensive stance. “Stay away from us.”

“Please return to your extraction positions,” the robotic madman repeated, monotonous.

“What do you want from us!?” I shouted. Strangely, he paused mid-stride, as if he had to think about it.

Finally, he answered, “My programming demands you be harvested of genetic material. The ship requires a crew.”

What. “This ship? This ship right here?” I said, kicking at the blasted wreck of the hull. The robot nodded crisply. “This ship is a fucking wreck! The crew couldn’t save it then, and nobody’s going to fix this heap now.”

The robot took another plodding step forward, but paused as I spoke, forced to think again. “Immaterial. The ship requires a crew.”

“To do what, rot here with you? Or are you just lonely?” I was angry now, fists clenched tight enough to dig my nails into my palms. The robot didn’t advance, trying process its own corrupted logic. I’d read about this before, primitive A.I.s going insane when left to their own devices, with no safeguards to keep them docile… and they were always unpredictable. He could just as soon kill us as let us go free.

“I must assure the welfare of the crew. The crew is gone. Your genetic material will provide a replacement.”

The real crew couldn’t have survived the crash. Left on its own for centuries, without purpose, surrounded by a tomb.

Anno stepped to the side. The robot-doctor’s eyes didn’t move from me. “Keep him talking,” she whispered, taking another cautious step. I nodded.

“What happened to the crew? Where are the bodies?”

The robot’s face twisted into a frown. Almost sad. “They were uploaded. To save them. A new crew is required to replace them. Please return to your extraction positions.”

Another pounding step forward. His arms flopped uselessly at his side, still horribly stretched out. They were almost comical, in a way.

“What do you mean, ‘uploaded?'” He stepped forward again. Anno was half way between us, almost behind the robot. Just a little bit longer.

“Their collective intelligence was uploaded to the mainframe. I preserved them. Digitized them. New physical bodies are required for download. Your genetic material will provide them.”

Repetition. Monotone. The voice he was projecting was wearing thin, sounding more digital by the second. His processes were breaking down, corrupting fast. The computer equivalent of desperation. A tiny grin flashed across my lips as the last of my fear, the lust-induced paralysis, gave way. Time to fucking Kirk it.

“You killed them!” I said, jabbing an accusatory finger at the robotic nut-job. “You didn’t save anybody, but just let them die.”

He took a step back, dumbfounded. “No. You are incorrect. I uploaded the crew. They are alive.”

“That’s no life! And you’ve kept them there for centuries,” probably, “like digital slaves.”

“YOU ARE INCORRECT!” the robot boomed, voice breaking to a synthetic scream. “I saved them. My programming demands…”

“And now you’re trying take take us, too? What, to breed an army of real slaves, with real bodies? People aren’t software: you can’t just upload them and download them again. We’re not machines!”

He reeled. Anno was almost behind him, fists raised to strike. So close.


One sharp blow, and it was over.

Anno crashed into him, one massive punch to the head, sending him reeling. The cowboy hat flew away, revealing a shiny chrome dome bristling with wires and flashing lights. The ‘bot staggered, clutching its head, screaming, “SAVED SAVED SAVED THEM SAVED SAVED” again and again, teetering close to the edge.

“Just die already, you crazy motherfucker,” Anno screamed, and kicked.

With a look between horror and confusion, the robot stumbled back, waved its stretched arms wildly at the edge, and plummeted off. It was seconds before I heard the CRASH as he hit the ground. I slumped to my knees, breathing hard. Holy shit, that actually worked.

Anno watched him fall, stared down at the body for a moment, and then came back to me. She knelt beside me, holding me tight again. “You did it, Red,” she grinned, planting a kiss on my cheek.


The elevator car was a ruin, but the emergency ladder was still intact. Small victories, right? After I got feeling back in my arm, Anno and I climbed back down to the engineering deck, recovered what was ours, and came to stare at the computer bank. If the mad robo-doc was telling the truth, hundreds or even thousands of minds were sealed away inside. The cables running from the probe outside ran straight into the bank. Anno hacked in while I dressed.

After a long moment of scrolling through the databanks, she turned to me and sighed, “There’s nothing.”


She indicated the screen. It showed an empty memory bank. “When the probe got shot, it must have been synched up to the database. Ended up frying both.”

“So what? There wasn’t any crew left anyway? They were…”

“They probably never existed. Died in the crash. Their doc-bot just did what made sense for a computer, faced with losing its hardware: upload somewhere else. Even if they had survived, mentally… they’re probably better off.”

Anno pulled the probe’s cable out. The screen faded out, its source of power lost.

Talon Rogue was waiting for us topside when we finally got out. I didn’t say a word to my own A.I., just took the controls and flew us back to the Nova. When we arrived back at her apartment, Anno tried to talk to me about what happened, to apologize for getting me involved. I stopped her with a kiss and a shove that sent us both sprawling into bed. We didn’t leave it until the next morning. She hadn’t been wrong before: I was insatiable, and with Anno at my fingertips, I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t lose my hard-on, until my balls ran dry. Even then, we just switched to a double-dildo and kept fucking, for hours and hours until I’d burned through every last drop of lust venom and aphrodisiac inside me.

When I finally calmed down after a sleepless night, we were filthy: both drenched in sweat and cum, clothes and blankets sticking to us in the musky heat that welled around us. The rest of the day passed in a haze, held tight in my lover’s arms until I drifted off to sleep in the afternoon.

“So, any chance I could convince you to come back? Even after all that…” Anno said that night over the hum of the shower. The smell of wet dog finally suppressed the reek of sex. Not a huge improvement.

I thought about it a while. “I’m sure there are plenty of jobs around for delivery here,” I said after a minute, letting a hand drift down to Anno’s waist. “I could be convinced to take a few.”

She grinned. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she murmured, arms around my neck, “It’s been too long… I missed you, Red.”

“You too.”