Hi, Alder here!

I’ve accumulated and fixed some bugs reported in Fall of Eden 0.5.1, I figured it’s enough to push. Keep the reports coming in!

Play the update online here.

Download the offline version here (open foe.html in your browser).

If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.

Version 0.5.2

  • Fixed bug in Abilities (would show if you tried to Heal out of combat, and then pressed “Back”).
  • Fixed bug in default pregnancy trigger handler.
  • Fixed Cassidy’s shop being broken.
  • Added the ability to set cock size on character creation.
  • The pregnancy hastening effects of Gestarium are now applied when using Gestarium+ too.
  • Fixed a bug in Lagon’s bad end.
  • Fixed a bug in fucking Terry with strapon (borrowed).