Hi, Alder here!

As promised, here comes the combined 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 release (the latter being various bugfixes to the former).

I’ll be posting progress updates on Patreon, while I’ll mostly stick to actual releases here on fenoxo.com.

Play the update online here.

Download the offline version here (open foe.html in your browser).

If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.

Version 0.5.1

  • Correctly bundled fonts.
  • Fixed a bug in one of Cale’s scenes.
  • Fixed Fera being bugged.
  • Fixed Miranda first date bug.

Version 0.5.0

  • Fixed numerous typos.
  • Fixed a few Cavalcade parser errors.
  • Changed common measurement unit to imperial (inches, feet, yards) for consistency.
    • Adjusted a bunch of NPC cock sizes to account for this. Holler if you find discrepancies or size evaluations that doesn’t make sense!
  • Becoming a herm in the intro now starts you with a seven inch cock (bigger than before).
  • Added a slew of new cock size adjectives (and reduced their prevalence in scenes). The descriptors should be slightly less repetitive now.
  • Added a review/redo option to character creation in the intro.
  • Renamed FemmeBoy body type to Trap.
  • Added a Voluptuous option for female start.
  • Using cheats to get items in the tent now gives 10 of every item instead of 1.
  • Fixed a bug in Alchemy that would cause brewing to consume 2x the amount of ingredients actually required.
  • At the end of combat, loot is now combined if you receive multiple instances of the same type of item.
  • Combat output has been streamlined. There should be less button mashing to get to the next combat choice now. This doesn’t change any of the mechanics, just how combat is displayed.
    • When picking a spell, the battle screen now shows what spell you picked when you choose a target.
  • Spells with a cast time that target specific enemies will now retarget if the original target is knocked out before the spell hits. Yes, bleeding edge 90’s era RPG technology here.
  • Added a “Raise” spell to Healer/Acolyte jobs. With it, you can get fallen allies back on their feet again.


  • Streamlined Chief talk scenes (removed Next, now looks more in line with other NPC dialogue).
  • Adjusted pacing in the Equines win scenes. They are now split up into multiple pages rather than one long scene.
  • Adjusted pacing in Barnaby’s blowjob scenes (the bartender of the Maidens’ Bane) by splitting the scene in multiple pages.


  • Major update to the structure of the code base (hence the update from 0.4 to 0.5).
    • The entire code base has been converted to ES6 modules and TypeScript instead of JavaScript, making much of the code strictly type checked (finding/fixing a fair number of obscure bugs), and preventing pollution of the global namespace.
    • The build system has been changed from gulp to webpack.
    • Node.js is used to get the latest versions of all vendor packages.
    • More than anything else, this gives me a more stable platform to add content to. 
  • What does this update mean for you as a player? It shouldn’t change anything, but due to the magnitude of the changes, it’s possible that some errors have sneaked their way through. I’ll be releasing a slightly bigger, non-uglified development version that contains some more backtrace information until things stabilize, please report any issues that show up.
    • For those that used the player object in the console to cheat, this method is unfortunately not available anymore. If there’s requests for that kind of thing, I might consider making the objects accessible in some way.
    • The application has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and seem to work fine on them. If you run into any issues starting the game, please append what browser/version you are using.