Edit: Hotfix should be live to fix some new issues that came with the new content 😀

Hello there!

TiTS had a new fixer-upper patch today. Check it out! And then go strap yourself in, we’re going to make the jump back to Lumia!

0.4.38 Patch Notes:

  • If you’ve returned Gweyr to Hawkethorne, you can get a new quest from Brother Sanders regarding the recovery of a Lumian relic. (By Tobs, with a lot of additional contributions by Alypia.)
    • If Liaden is in town, she can accompany you as a guest throughout the quest and will shake things up. Azzy, Cait, and Etheryn all also have some fun additions, as you might expect.
    • Dark Knight-persona PCs can expect some interesting twists, too.
    • Also includes roughly a million Star Wars references. Turn on Silly Mode for the meme-iest experience, as always.
  • B! has tweaked some of Agnimitra’s text, including a new way to start her Hellhound threesome and a stop to an infinite sex loop — she’ll tap out after three consecutive fucks.

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