We’ve got a new dungeon that puts your combat and exploration skills to the test (at least if you aren’t a mage-heavy party). That’s about it for this patch; new lewdness next week!

0.2.8 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new quest and dungeon, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret from the logging camp. Pick it up from Garth, find River at the Frost Hound, and then again in the southern Foothills to get access to the dungeon. This one’s a combat challenge; don’t expect any new sex scenes in here for reasons that should become abundantly clear. (Written by TheObserver!)
  • You can now save/load file on android, and android versions older than 5.0 can no longer install the game (because it didn’t work anyway). Some other very old versions of android can still install the game, but the UI will still be all fucked up. Game’s still playable, but we really don’t recommend it.

As always, backer access is available here!