B!’s unleashed a whole host of new pregnancy content for Berry and his mistress in the aftermath of the pup’s quest.

Hotfix: Accessing the Fortress via the Ways Between and proccing Berwyn or Matiha’s birth scenes or visiting the nursery no longer leaves saving disabled. Certain text variations for Siorcanna champions should now work correctly.

0.6.13 Patch Notes:

  • Post BerryQuest 2, Berwyn can knock the PC up (genitalia permitting). (by B!)
  • Post BQ2, the PC can knock Berwyn up (genitalia permitting).
  • Post BQ2, the PC can knock Matiha up.
  • Post BQ2, Berwyn’s cock worship bad end has returned.
  • There’s a new DP scene for a bedicked PC and Arona on Cait. She must have lost her anal virginity. (by Shovelry)

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