For those of you who’ve braved the treacherous sea to reconquer Dracia, there’s an invitation waiting with Khor’minos’s favorite bard that will take you to the tower of Lady Juno and her apprentices. And if you captured a certain spellbook from the island, there’s also a new sexy summon available at the Wayfort’s circle. Plus, we have some new sex scenes for the kitsune huntress Azami and a new male wyvern encounter in the hills!

0.7.1 Patch Notes:

  • HOTFIX: Juno’s part of the morale boosting doesn’t get skipped the first time anymore.
  • A bedicked PC that has met Livrea, has their Milking Stall work approval, and has finished DraciaQuest can get an invitation from Lady Juno to visit her and the navy’s coven of storm witches at their tower for a Special Morale-Boosting Event (read: you fuck a lot of cowgirl pussy). If you are engaged to Livrea, she’ll come along to supervise you.
  • Every 10th day in-game after the first invitation (ie day 30/40/50 etc.), you can ask Livrea about a repeat performance.
  • The kitsune huntress Azami has a small expansion for repeat content. You can meet her in the den. (By AramenMajima)
  • Azami has a slew of new talk scenes.
  • Azami has new sex scenes for bedicked PCs: missionary, cowgirl, and 69.
  • If you learned the Frost Moth summon from DraciaQuest, you can now summon the chilly spirit at the Wayfort’s summoning circle for some fun. (By Skow!)
  • The Frost Moth has new scenes for riding her face, eating her out, and reverse cowgirl.
  • There’s a new encounter in the Foothills: a male wyvern boy! (By Freed85) (Coded by Squishy!)
  • The wyvern boi has a loss scene and victory scenes for riding his face and then dick, or pitching anal to him.
  • Kailani’s quest has been split into two, and you can now turn her down rather than having to bang her at the end of her first quest.
    • To start the second quest with Inaya, you’ll have to have become Kailani’s mate, and there’s an option to do so if you turned her down the first time.
  • Text fixes courtesy of Spotty
  • New Bust: King Kelsaz (by Moira)

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