0.7.69 Changelog:

  • Lapinara can now impregnate the player character, written by ThaumX. It’s one of the most detailed pregnancies I’ve seen since the CoC days, and this is even after I pared it down a bit.
  • A new victory sex scene has been added to the Lapinara encounter, written by ThaumX.
  • A major bug with the 9-tailed zil fight has been address.
  • Some other small tweaks have been made.

Today really should have been a half day for a variety of reasons, but I got lost in the pregnancy code and forgot to come up for air for something like six hours… which will probably mean I’m gonna hit a full day before all is said and done. Nothing like having your work ethic surprise you!

Tonight and tomorrow I’ll review some more submissions and maybe try to code one. I want to at least get my reviewing caught up to the end of May (hopefully June) before I do any more writing of my own.