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[Story] Hunter’s Quarry

Savin here! Wrote this a few days ago on a whim, and ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. Hope you do too! Art is by the awesome Arbuz for my D&D game. Not quite the amazon featured here, but close enough.

Content Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Amazon, Monsterboy (Catboy), Non-Consensual


The blow came out of nowhere, leaving Nevan reeling with the force of impact. He staggered back, foot catching on one of the arm-thick roots criss-crossing across the forest floor, and fell with a scream. Before he could hit the dirt, though, something yanked hard on the front of his hunting jacket, pulling him back from the brink.

The world reeled for a moment before he could catch his bearing, flailing his arms to the side and scrabbling his feet in the loamy soil.

“You scream like a whelp,” a rough woman’s voice laughed, making Nevan snap his head to the side to see first a hand firmly grasping his jacket, and trace it up to a sun-kissed arm rippling with toned muscle. The arm’s owner towered over him by more than two heads’ height, enough to position a pair of heavy breasts in front of his face, just barely contained by a wrap of leather and chain that seemed to strain with every one of the woman’s deep, even breaths. Her face was half-hidden from view by the shadows of the woods and the mane of flame-red hair that fell down around her shoulders in wild, untamed curls; but he could see her smiling, a smug grin that brought images of feral wolves to his mind, closing in on their prey.

“Best be careful, kitten,” she said, voice low like a growl. “Watch your step in these woods.”

[Backers] 0.7.24 – Tentapalooza

Some of you may remember the lovely lass over at who made some neat audio hypnosis and general audio-porn files for Corruption of Champions, and it turns out she’s still doing it. The ones I tried were pretty rad, and while I’m not deep into that scene, it might make for some good auditory fun even if you’re not a trancing type. This isn’t a paid plug or anything – just one of those rad times where two people make things and are both fans of the other’s work.

0.7.24 Changelog:

  • New item graciously written and submitted by a generous benefactor as a pull request on the public repository – Tentacool. As the name would imply, it makes you grow tentacles. Lots of tentacles.
  • Matching the theme of the new item, we have a new bust for Jade, complete with special versions for once she’s acquired a pair of nipples. The work-safe version is posted at right. Boobs are work safe without nipples, right? Adj does good work.
  • Many typo fixes by Jacques00, of course.

In fen-news, I wrote another 3,000+ words for Sylvie, this time for a PC who is under a “rut” type effect. Nevermind that those aren’t game yet, I’ll have to make them in game. I also reviewed scenes Gardeford and Nonesuch wrote for her. They’re both fantastic, and I’m sure you guys will like them. Coding is likely to start tomorrow unless I get in a writey mood.

Work Continues

What’s new? Not a ton. We had a meeting yesterday to have our various team members touch bases (particularly in regards to merchandise for eventual sale at cons and online). I’ve gotten the first WIP of Hizzacked’s work for the VN. It’s about as good as I expected, even if it’s fairly tame.

Sylvie (Moosetaur) work continues:

[*] Room Description Texts
[*] First Time Meeting for Sober/Buzzed/Drunk Sylvie.
[*] Repeat Approach texts
[*] “Chill” Intro
[*] Sober Stories (Mostly done anyway)
[*] Buy Drink Intro
[x] Buzzed Stories
[  ] Buzzed Hug
[  ] Drunk Hug
[x] Sexy Times (Taur dickings done)

[Backers] It’s Habbening – 0.7.03

kiro_and_kally_mqI managed to scrape up some lovely art from an anonymous artist of Kiro and Kally that I’ve been sitting on, waiting for the point when these two would finally be okay rocking out with their cocks out. Here we are!

0.7.03 Changelog:

  • Kally can now take an unscheduled “lunch” break if she has her Picardine mystery resolved and enough points toward her incest path, and canny PC’s can catch what she’s doing…
  • After doing the above, there’s a chance that both of them with show up by accident when the PC is working the gloryholes. Hijinx ensue.
  • Both the above are one-time-only scenes for the moment. I plan to slot in at least one repeatable next week.
  • Milodan males can now impregnate the player. Impregnation rates are not 100% tuned, so let me know if it seems to high/low in the bug reports.
  • Milodan kits can be played with in the nursery (from months 0-16).
  • Geddy added some bothrioc stuff to the game while I wasn’t looking. I’m told it doesn’t burst into flames on contact, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. If memory serves, they ought to be buried somewhere on Myrellion. (Note: this is part one of a larger content block that’s coming.)

Just so everyone is aware – I intend to take the last two weeks of December mostly off. We might still post some stuff, but not with our usual near-clockwork regularity.

Touching Boobs and Bases

Today I only got about 1,000 words of stuff written – all setup for catching Kally in a compromising moment (entirely voyeur, likely). I’ll knock out the scene itself tomorrow and then start in on the first time playing with Kiro and Kally after if all goes well.

Otherwise, I’ve been kind of nauseous and fatigued today, so after forcing myself to do some physical things, I didn’t have a lot left in me. I did handle some business stuff and got to touch bases with R4, who is apparently a big fan of CoC and TiTS! So cool! He’s an incredible artist for sure.

Speaking of artists, Renezuo, the guy that did the TiTS bestiary pictures back in the day, has thrown up his own paysite. So if anyone wants to support him drawing futa chicks and whatever else, that’s a good place for it. I hear membership also gets you access to Hizzacked’s site too (the artist we’ve lined up for our visual novel’s CGs). Now things are getting pretty incestual, yah?

Sorry for the light post. More to come sooooon ™.

[Backers] PexigaQuest Upgrade & Upgraded Hardlight Fun

trump_reaha_treatedPublic Build Release Date: This Friday!

0.7.01 Changelog:

  • Staying to help Bimbo Badger with Pexiga uplifting now has a more involved, fun little scene that Adjatha did up, rather than the old two-paragraph blurb.
  • Wrote up a scene for playing with the upgraded hardlight. It has a few variations slipped in there for some oddball scenarios (~2400 words total), but I want to add some more tomorrow for breast-play and maybe a crewmember randomly joining in. Not gonna 100% promise that last one though, as that could spiral out of control pretty fast.
  • Zheniya pregnancy fixes courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Cumflation notices should be less… voluminous.
  • Milodans can be disarmed, and the frostwyrm is now stun immune.
  • Other assorted fixes and typo tweaks.

In other news, we had to make the github repository private. It was being used to generate backer builds for non-backers. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was just skilled individuals putting their knowledge to work for their own benefit, but when automated builds reflecting every code commit we do are floating around in a bookmarkable archive, I guess I have to do something about it. If you’ve committed code to them in the past and would like to regain access to it, please feel free to post about it on the forums with pertinent details.

Art is a fan-commissioned piece of Amazon-Treated Reaha by an artist who goes by TRUMP.


[Backers] Pexiga Prototype

adjatha_pexiga_bimboSo this is a pretty big chunk of interconnected content that could be broken in more than a few ways. Be sure to make an archival copy of your save before you dig into this content, as it might screw something up.

0.6.95 Changelog:

  • You can now ask Yammi stuff about her Pexiga, unlocking the ability to ask some scientists about it or whatever!
  • Most scientists now have events for asking them about the Pexiga.
  • Dr. Badger can volunteer out of the goodness of her heart. Currently only regular Dr. Badger’s path is done. Alternates are coming.
  • Two new enemy encounters secreted deep in Dr. Badger’s lab. And guess what? One can drop silicoooone~
  • New lust-damage weapon: Bimboleum ray.
  • New bad-ends: Several! Gotta catch ’em all!
  • New crew member: the Pexiga! Note that right now, her content doesn’t check to make sure Yammi is actually around for scenes that involve her. I want to take a crack at that tomorrow…
  • Etis’s “Amber Seed” is now in the game.
  • Many bugfixes courtesy of Jacques00 and Gedan!

Adjatha did a smashing job writing this quest (and doing the Pexiga busts)! And once I finish up the Pexiga, I’ll be moving right into dumping more content into your laps. It should be a good week for you guys!


Look At Me; I’m a Game Designer!

Thrust Vectoring System

Thrust vectoring systems are used by pilots who would rather have a maneuverable craft than a fast one, re-routing a portion of the ship’s sublight drives into its maneuvering thrusters.



Thrust: -12

Agility: +10

See? See? I’m blocking out stats for the ship upgrade. Gedan talked me into doing some pretty over-the-top stuff, so we’re going to be looking at things like a GUI for slotting in upgrades (and the ability to walk around your ship). For most ships, this will be easy. For the eventual capital ship, it will likely be “zoomed” out, sort of like the Nova.

lazydez_lines_TisinreiArt_colors_celiseShip combat is going to be a laid-back affair for the most part. You’ll set your ideal range, assign your crew to their stations (if you wish to move them), and then perform any other special actions – like overloading a system, performing a special maneuver, or activating a gadget. If all goes well, you’ll probably just wind up smashing the “Proceed” button every round. If the fight is tough, you might find yourself doing a little bit more – turning off guns that are inaccurate at your current range to conserve capacitor, for example.

I look forward to sharing more with you as the system develops, but Gedan is going to have her hands super full with this stuff later. I’m going to make some more general ship upgrade modules (like Luxury Crew Quarters!), then review one of Gardeford’s submissions before bed.

P.S. Remember the Spoopy TiTSventure Savin wrote for last Halloween? It’s finally getting coded. Look forward to it this October!

Celise sketch originally by LazyDez and colored by Tisinrei.

Two Years

Terensha Cum-Filled (Adjatha)Hey folks, Savin here.

So today marks two full years of having been at FenCo! I guess I must have come aboard waaay back when Tarkus was the new hotness: I remember the Stellar Tether dungeon was the first major project I did on the clock, so to speak. Time really flies, huh? Of course then again, it was about this time in ’12 that I was first starting to draft out a certain salamander for the plains, too. Four years, and something like a million words of smut later, and here we are.

As far as progress updates go, Shade’s move-to-Uveto content is done. Reaha’s the next major project I’m looking to finish, as said previously, plus a few smaller scenes here and there to keep the burnout at bay. Speaking of projects, though: I’ve got a smutty fantasy side project I’ve been working on in the background for a while now. I’m hoping I’ll have something to show for myself in the coming weeks; I think a lot of you will enjoy it.

Don’t really have much more to say other than “Thank you” to all of TiTS’ supporters who keep me and all the other FenCo creators employed doing what we love. And another “Thank you” for all the continued well-wishes as I recover from my lingering health problems. I’m on the mend, according to my doctors. Might even be back to normal in a few weeks at this rate.

A thoroughly cum-stuffed Terensha, by Adjatha.

[Backer Release] Tainted Space 0.6.55

cheshireCatSmile37_emmy_dof_nudePATREON ALERT: I can’t post the game on there right now because the posting dialogue appears to be borked. I’ll try again in the morning – gotta get some Z’s. The Patreon build is up!

Gedan has been super busy working on trying to get us a better way to distribute the builds to Offbeatr and Patreon supporters alike, so there haven’t been as many hands in the code as of late. That said, we still have some new content for you guys to play with!

0.6.55 Changelog:

  • New scenes for the dryad and male zil for those with female parasitic tails.
  • New busts for: the pexiga, Terensha, Anno, Horace Decker, Female Lane, Nayna, the bathing Myr Honeypot, and the group of gold myr bathers.
  • Add a mysterious item that makes butts bigger. For now, I threw it somewhere on Uveto, but it’ll move to some mad scientist’s lair down the road.
  • Gryvain members have been added to the D.Designer.
  • Added a bad-end to the Nyrea – don’t lose too many times in a row.
  • Probably a few other tweaks here or there.

Emmy can’t fit all this awesome in her panties (by CheshireCatSmile37!)

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