Tamtam_sketchI fucked around in Wildstar beta last night, and I gotta say: I love the game’s art direction. So many cute sexy females of so many species! Definitely love the bunny-cat-girls for sure. The game doesn’t seem to deviate from the established norms that World of Warcraft has set as the standard while still trying a number of new things. I am a little disappointed in the leveling quests after playing the first ten levels of the beta, but I hear the endgame is pretty robust. Also, housing is apparently a thing. Maybe this will give me something to do other than play Hat Fortress 2; I don’t know. The MMO itch must be scratched.

This morning, I coded Savin’s “The Mess” for Tarkus. That doesn’t mean you can go poke around there yet. I’m going to try to get a little bit more substantial content out before making another patch push. That said, there’s a second episode of Steph Irson involved along with a trap bartender you can ream or face-sit.

I’m going to do some writing for a raskvel shopkeeper named Shekka now. She’s something of a gadgeteer, and she’ll sell the PC the first transportation upgrade – a hoverboard that reduces the time it takes to move about the map slightly. I’m hoping to manage Flahne-like levels of content for her, so wish me luck!

Sketch of my Wildstar Beta character by LurkerGG.