A little birdy told me Urta was done (Approximately 18 pages of single-spaced text (10,000+ words!) before coding. Enjoy the smut!).


  • Added a new NPC to the bar in Tel’Adre.
  • New NPC is named Urta and has a fair amount of sex scenes (and she’s a somewhat hyper herm).
  • Warning: Its easy to get ‘locked out’ from even having fun with her if you mis-handle the meeting in the bar. Good luck!
  • She’s there in the morning hours till about 4PM.

Also, I know some people wanted to see the picture I use to describe her, but I’m keeping the thumbnail small for those who don’t like horse-cock furry foxes.  God I feel gay just for writing that.
Art by White Devil :3
She was originally going to be a ‘fursona’ then I realized I had no desire to RP furry.  Wheeeeeee.