Howdy folks!


Fenoxo has let me loose on the blog, so I will be posting here when I release new versions of my game, Fall of Eden. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, FoE is an adult fantasy text-game in the vein of – and greatly inspired by – CoC. Currently things are a bit rudimentary in the terms of content, but a stable framework is taking shape.

FoE is written in HTML5/JS, and should work in all modern browsers.

Current version is 0.2k, when I upload new versions I’ll post here with a changelog. Comments and critique is appreciated! I set up a bug reports forum thread here.

Play it here

For those interested in my other work, you can find me on FurAffinity

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback folks! Looking through the comments it seems some people have had browser issues/black screens. Try playing on the newest release of Firefox or Chrome and see if that helps.

EDIT2: Looked into some of the issues brought up in the comments/forums. I bring you a patch!

Version 0.2k2

  • Data menu should be disabled during events!
  • Uru should no longer be referred to as a virgin in her scenes
  • Added another save point in the “Garden” area during the intro, if you want to replay Kia’s initial scenes or make a different choice during the outset.
  • A popup prompts you when overwriting old saves
  • Selectable bg color (can be found on the credits screen and in the Data menu). This setting is saved.
  • Removed the previously “greyed out” options when selecting dead enemies in combat, unusable items in the inventory etc.

The play link should be updated, though you might need to recache the page.

The game is also available for local download