gats_urta_hel_boobhat0.7.8G Changelog:

  • Three custom character profiles are in the game!  One of which I couldn’t do quite to spec because the person wanted things that aren’t in game like a flaming halo, flaming sword, regenerating hymen, etc.  I do think having a perk that would do that last one would be cool and I’ll see about slipping it in sometime.
  • The Gargoyle is coded and active.  Her talk scenes can only be seen once, so read them carefully if you care about that kind of stuff.  Big thanks to Savin for writing her!
  • Gargoyle can be found by selecting “explore” from the explore menu.  Debug mode increases her odds, for now.

0.7.8G1 Changelog:

  • Pushed out the last custom character profiles from my form.
  • Cleared the form bug reports.  I’ll get the forum bug reports tomorrow AM.

At right: Hel and Urta meet, and Urta gets a new hat.  Her friends in Team Fortress 2 are going to be SO jealous.  Art by Gats!