WASSAT!?  FANART!?  Yeah I got a backlog of it.

First up is Frogapus from FA.   I love this so much.  I don’t has words.  I have some more from Neph (another furry) and a jaw-droppingly awesome pic from Jacques00 I’ll roll out tomorrow to keep this one company.

I plan on returning the Macbook tomorrow.  Not because I dislike it or anything, but quite simply I can get a computer with a 3 year warranty and the same specs that works just as well for less than the macbook.  Oh and have some leftover to plunk down on an iPad3.  Shut up, I loved my iPad2 while I had it.   I’m trying to work the ME3 out of my system but it isn’t working very well.  I’ll try to do the Exgartuan addon to Scylla 5 I’ve got in my inbox tomorrow, then maybe start coding some of dungeon 2.  Looking back on it, I’m not really happy with what I wrote for the first encounter, so I hope the second is more exciting.  I had a lot more fun writing it.

Fen will also be AWOL for about a week starting this weekend.  I’ll have a rather important poll I’m going to put up for the week I’m gone, so I’d like you all to take a look at it.