0.6.9b Changelog:

  • Added a four eye TF to the spider item.
  • Added a web attack for the PC.
  • Added a spider-venom bite attack.
  • Added a TF that increases the webbing recharge speed (maxes out at total web refill in 4 hours).
  • Added a tracker of webs/venom to the tool-tip for the new ‘web’ attack and the old ‘sting’ attack.
  • Added a scene for PC’s with spider abdomens to rape goblins and use the webbing quite cruelly (untested).

That’s it for tonight.  I also got some writing done for the male spider-morph, but he’s far from finished still.  My goal for tomorrow is to try and get the remaining ‘basic’ three scenes done so that I can get him coded and move on to other stuff.

(Art Source:  Some guy on 4chan.  The image was deleted by mods pretty quickly from the /vg/ thread but I snagged it all the same.)

I’d also like to revisit my previous plea – if you’d like to contribute alternate, special scenes for body types or cool sexual positions involve the female spider-morph or her male equivalent, jot em down and put them in the event submissions forum or my email!

Amusing TF2 Shit:

This shit cracks me up!