I wrote another 4,500 words of Shekka today. A bunch more talks, the introductions for her sex menu, and the lesbian sex scene got finished. That scene features a subdermal vibrator implant in her tail that the two of you grind against. It runs about 1,500 words, though maybe only 1,300 of actual sex. Pretty much all the rest of her is exposition. I’ve got to tweak a little bit of it after some feedback from TheDarkMaster to match up with his Goblins stuff, but it should all work out well in the end. Savin and I even did some brainstorming about a potential side-mission crawling around the guts of the Nova.

Tomorrow is gonna be a code day. I gotta finish off some things for Savin’s bar in Novahome, code what I have for Shekka (maybe write a dudesex scene first?), code Third’s lingerie vendor named Alice, and then probably look at getting room descriptions done. I keep saying that I’m going to do room descriptions and then working on other things, but hopefully I can actually get the bones of the planet done soon.