Whew, keeping up on everything people were sending me about the bounty board took me a while today! I had to make the document private, so if I invited you and it’s denying you access now, please click to request access and maybe shoot me an email.

I’m calling Flahne “done” for now, with four finished sex scenes. I’m still accepting scenes for on the bounty board if any of the writers want to add more scenes to her repertoire. I laid out Penny’s design doc and wrote out a little bit as well. Here’s my notes on her if anyone would like to see what’s up with our buxon policewoman:

  • Short, silky-smooth fur.
  • Hair is a close-cropped and auburn (reddish-brown) mohawk.
  • Blue eyes
  • Big Ol’ Ears with very keen hearing.
    • Ears are sensitive, loves having them played with.
    • Shy about how good her ears feel.
  • DD-cup tits.
    • Pink, puffy, Inverted nipples.
    • Nipples pop out like lil’ turkey timers.
  • Pink pussy with a very tiny, almost unnoticeable clit.
    • Wetness is good enough for easy lubing but doesn’t squirt or anything.
  • Lithe and quick.
  • Five foot even in height.
  • About 115 lbs in weight (*updated this after some research).
  • Former human who took out loans and a shitty but high paying post to pay for her splices.
    • She is literally a furry taken to the scifi extreme.
  • Very business-like most of the time. Doesn’t like the planet and is a little lonely since she’s only been there a short time.
  • Very predatory and femdommy in the bedroom. She does have a submissive side when surprised.
    • Likes to call her lovers prey when being dommy and beasts or predators when subbing.
  • Uses tonfas for weapons.

I’m looking forward to churning out some text for her. Tomorrow is the fourth, so I’ll probably not get much done – no D&D tomorrow nite either. I’ll probably take the weekend a bit on the slow side, but you can expect me to putter around on Arian for CoC, Penny for TiTS, and probably stream games when I’m gaming on my PC. I’m definitely looking forward to the steam summer sale.