adjatha_futa_hedrah_femboi_color0.7.8E13 Changelog:

  • Fixed butt-tons of typos and such.  Enjoy!
  • Ember’s scene is meant to take place after a quest, but we thought having it available now at high affection since it’s done would be a good idea.

On to the gargoyle.  Also, it’s a friend’s b-day so I’ll be writing a custom scene for them tonight, then moving on to SAND WITCH DUNGEON.  I have six more scenes to write for the Sand Mother encounter, then the Sand Witch mob to work on (as well as parsing all the entries from the contest that were for the sand witch dungeon.  I’m sorry this has taken so long).   Savin is prepping a Sphinx guardian for the gate as we speak, and I hope I can have this whole mess released within a weeks time.

Adjatha’s picture of Futa amazon pounding a poor femboy, colored by Taam.

Quick Update: Wrote a 2000 word Rubi scene where he treats you to a sensual massage and candied strawberries.  You can let him get off from it or keep him pent up as you like.  I’ll see about coding it tomorrow.  I also coded the first ten pages or so of the Gargoyle.  I’m stupid, so I’m going to get it done regardless.  I look forwards to having nothing on the list but videogames and Sand Witch dungeon!

….There’s a lot to do for that damned dungeon, still, but hopefully the result should be suitably epic.